Chappelle’s Block Party

July 5, 2006

I watched Block party over the weekend…bought the DVD…..
Dude in the car trying to start it up killed me, he wasn’t even paying attention or looking at the other dude.
…Then Dave hit ’em with the megaphone lol

Dayton, Ohio…MY hometown YUP!

Central State University…meh I went to Grambling…but HBCU’s represent!

Damn why didn’t I hear about this thing.

What’s the temp in this place? Kanye got on a blazer, other people got on T Shirts…Common got on a Sweater?
…but it rained so, guess it don’t matter
AND why did it have to rain…just like the 4th of July…STORM, I bet it be sunny as a box of raisin bran Thursday.

Okay, I’m from Dayton, lived there for 20+ years and I’ve NEVER seen anything THAT country at home

Who are these two wack jobs? Cornballs…talkin’ about they went golfin’…wha?
Some guy comes out and says You Nigger…it was his property you were pissin on….right you held dude back, like dude was going to fight anybody.

LOL! “I knew I shoulda bought a thong” THAT was funny.

Why does Kanye’s clothes always “fit” LOL!
…Common’s too; he doesn’t get much flak for it though cuz women wanna do him

The Broken Angel story! LMAO
And the couple ROTFL!!!!! Why the lady had on a 1976 SOS Band/Rick James beaded beenie on!?
My man’s hair was on point right?

Mos Def is that dude

Notice when the band was cleared to go, only cute women were huggin’ Dave

Cornball couple on the buss…talkin’ about 1 year and 4 months…herb.

I like that they didn’t know who was performing
Wait. When was the band performing? Kanye and everyone was watching them in like Sweats….what part of the street were they on?
THIS dude with the mohawk…can he be ANY wacker?
…and why was he grabbin’ all over dude like that? That’s how you DC people represent?

I dunno, I guess Dead Prez is cool…acquired taste no doubt.
…how the first and second thing dude says his
1. Fuk the police
2. Raise the babies

Why is Lil Cease on my TV?
…if you’re not doing your verse on Lil Kim’s Crush on you or Players Anthem…shut your hole.
Biggie must of had his career in his back pocket when he died.

Why T.I. mixed with Warren G workin’ as a waiter rappin about being the Man on the side?

What was that on her chin!?!

I love me some Badu…pulled off the wig and everything

AND Common came out with her…that was hot.
Her Eyes and Lips are AMAZING

ugh, I’m not a huge Jill Scott fan though…I liked a few songs on her first CD that’s about it.
…she got offended when dude asked was she worried about following Erykah LOL
Big Daddy Kane AND Kool G Rap!?! Damn shame 80% of the people there and that bought the DVD don’t realize.

The Roots are the greatest…can’t wait for Game Theory

He should do this every other year or something.

The “Hit me” part and Mos Def on the drums doing the jokes was one of the best parts.

Jill and Badu were type competing on the Roots song…Loud ass Scott yellin all over the place …phooey (I’m hatin)

My umi is my SONG!

This soundtrack could’ve been soooooo much better than it is.

Why does Mos rock the hairy chinstrap though

MY LORD that woman’s Dental work (From the Broken Angel)

The Fugees!!! They didn’t understand how big that was…they should’ve even told the people going to see it in the theater.
…though we know it’s just Lauryn and the two guys lol

Still gives me chills though, if Layurn get’s right she’d take over!
Why does Pras (I know “Who’s Pras?) Have on Burberry!? The pattern though!
…has it been THAT long? or does Lauryn not sound ‘all the way back’? (She couldn’t even take it to the bridge 🙁 )

The if I were president thing was hot lol
Cody Chessnut looks like Dr. Teeth from the Muppet Band
…I didn’t get to the extra features yet…maybe today.



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