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July 23, 2006


Victor has Epilepsy?
I need the ‘I don’t give a fuck who you are I’m Victor Newman!” Victor Newman
NOT the “happy, dog playin, givin’ jack a job, letting Nick and Victoria F’ up the company, seein’ shit” Vic.


Brad is not Brad? AND he may be a murderer…either way he’s lying; and he’s wack as a actor.
Read: Boring.

Neil doesn’t want Dru anymore…just as well she played him on the Malcolm/Lily thing
I’d be done too…plus F’n Dru over acts every scene she’s in…she got that Oprah/Star fake Black thing poppin off.


Why would Neil try and get with the new Mexican PR chick or whatever…well I know why, she’s kinda hot; but she just banged Jack on the desk the other day
now she’s all up in Neil’s face on the soul mate tip…I dunno

Sharon is the worst.
She give Nick mad shit for bangin Phyllis, I mean cheating is cheating
BUT she smashed Brad and she be poppin off like she’s a Newman
if it’s that serious, bounce…and take your ass back to the far with your wheel chaired mother.
see how glamorous THAT shit is.

Everybody smashes everybody on this damn show.

Vic has Nikki
Vic had Ashley (Jack’s Sister)
Jack had Nikki (That’s married to Vic)
Jack had Phyllis (Who banged Nick…Vic’s son)
Brad had Nikki (Who had Vic and Jack)
Brad has Victoria (Nikki’s Daughter)
Brad had Ashley (That had Vic)
Brad had Sharon (That’s married to Nick, Vic’s Son)

Nobody has a problem with any of this

Man…makes my head hurt.

…oh and Phyllis is pregnant with Nicks baby off the affair

This whatever dudes name is that’s blackmailing Kevin and other dude is mad corny
and no one cares if they tell he had something to do with druggin Lily

The Devon dude is mad wack…he’s always been a corn ball

Guess most don’t know he used to be little Richie on Family Matters


Where’s Christine?

The new Lily is wack…I’m not buyin her…and her getting married means nothing.

Ole girl having a baby with Baldwin means nothing to any story…bring back Sheila and THEN we can talk.

All the kids on this show need to go away
(It’s a soap, so when they come back they’ll be like 20 and bangin everybody)

Nobody cares about : Jill, Katherine, Ashley, Devon, or whatever chicks name is that Sheila was beating up on


WHY do I watch this show???? I’ma  grown ass man.

Tivo is one Helluva drug. LOL!!

  • diddy

    lol you are SO fired for this. let me tell you, you just spoke a foreign language to me. american soaps….i swear, the same damn drama from 25 years ago. at least on the spanish channel it’s a new story that i still don’t understand (well i do understand some spanish).

  • keli

    Devon is the little kid from “Family Matters” LOL!

    My neices think Devon is fione…just wait til they find out!

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