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2013 FartCon

July 15, 2013

Not able to make it or afford SDCC? There is another just as good convention that features all the excitement and exclusives of San Diego … it’s the FartCON! For all Geeks, Nerds, and Pop culture enthusiast! Why “Fart Con”? Well, it could stand for … Furries A Really Trouble Furley Alice Roper Threesome ……

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EDP17 – Looney Toons w/ @ShareefJackson

June 30, 2012

Overture … Curtains, Lights! This is it the #EDP ! All Looney Toons, Merrie Melodies Everything! In this episode we talk Bugs Daffy Porky Syvester and Tweety Coyote and Road Runner Memorable Episodes, Minor characters and more! The Episode starts off with eclectik’s elementary school fight and subsequent punishment This week’s featured guest @ShareefJackson Agent…

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