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2013 FartCon

July 15, 2013

Not able to make it or afford SDCC? There is another just as good convention that features all the excitement and exclusives of San Diego … it’s the FartCON! For all Geeks, Nerds, and Pop culture enthusiast! Why “Fart Con”? Well, it could stand for … Furries A Really Trouble Furley Alice Roper Threesome ……

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EDP215 – OT Fakademics w/(@isitis)

June 12, 2013

FIRST Listen to EDP214 – The Uncanny Podcast w/ @Isitis .. and now the “After Show” The Show is over The Studio Audience has gone home Studio Lights off … The Crew is done It is Damn Near Devin’s bedtime It’s just me and this week’s guest … backstage … Join me and my guest…

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80’s Toys Randomness

December 26, 2012

The 80s were the greatest decade for just about anything pop culture … especially toys, I defy you to find a better assortment of wonderfulness kids theses days don’t even play any more let along have great toys to occupy their minds … we had no hand helds, no internet, barely had video games ……

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iRemember – Triple F.A.T

April 30, 2012

I remember when… We chased down the Ice cream truck screamin stop! Got me a Chocolate éclair Moms a cherry Bombpop American Gladiators There was no such thing as haters Worst tasting thing was Chocolate Now & Laters We played Jacks, girls slapped hands playin slide If you were hurt had to see blood before…

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