Top 50 Sitcoms of the 80’s (29 – 11)

April 26, 2012

And we continue on, with our countdown of the Top 50 Sitcoms of the 80s

Numbers 50 – 30 can be found here

Now, let’s get it!

29. Facts of Life 79 – 88

You have to take the bad after the good and mix them up for number 29
Shoutouts to Ednas Edibles and The Eastland Academy crew
I was never a fan of Jo (Or Gerry) but Tootie and Blair!? Yup!
… I paid no attention to George Clooney and even less attention to Andy

JTS Moment: Cloris Leachman

28. ALF 86 – 90

Gordon Shumway!
There was a lot of things funny about this show … Alf vs. Lucky, Alf vs. The Ochmonek’s, Alf vs. Dorothy
The fact that there was two planets beyond Pluto (Dave and alvin) lol

JTS Moment: The finale that wasn’t supposed to be, and Project ALF that had no Tanners

27. Mama’s Family 83 – 84, 86 – 90

I loved the Carol Burnett Show so when “The Family” got their own show I was with it
You had it all, Carol Burnett .. and “young” Blanche Devereaux and Rose Nylund lol (Who left the show to do Golden Girls) but it was funny while it lasted

JTS Moment: When ½ the cast left

26. Happy Days 74 – 84

This is more for it’s iconic status and the spinoffs … and Fonzi
I didn’t even really watch the show like that … but it had to be included so I put it right outside the Top 25
JTS Moment: eh.

25. Who’s the Boss? 84 – 92

I admit I watched solely for 3 Reasons: Samantha Micelli and Mona’s breasts lol
I had the crush on Sam and the Lust for Mona
I thought Tony was mostly Corny and Angela mostly annoying … but I stuck with the show

JTS Moment: Tony and Angela finally getting together

24. 227 85 – 90

227 Had something for everyone, Mary for the old fans of the Jeffersons, Sandra for sex appeal, Pearl for pure Comedy, guys crushed on Brenda … personally I liked Tiffany (Rose’s Daughter that disappeared after a season) … show woulda been nada without Pearl tho

JTS Moment: Jackee left, they added Stoney Jackson and Countess Vaughn

23. Alice 76 – 85

The New Girl in town that was lookin good!?
I never watched the movie, but I thought the show was dope … the laughs came from Flo, Mel, and Vera … and Henry but lol @ Alice playing Sam Butler … no one cared about Tommy

JTS Moment: Flo left and they added Belle and she tried “Butter my Biscuits” as a catch phrase

22. Roseanne 88 – 97

I remember watching every episode of Roseanne, and never laughing but it was something in the sarcasm that kept me coming back, I enjoyed the kids more than the parents … John Goodman was fine, Roseanne … belch.

JTS Moment: When they won the Lottery … and when they kept switching Beckys

The Top 20! Here’s where we get to the best of the F’n best! (And more disagreements lol)

21. Perfect Strangers 86 – 93

Balki and Cousin Larry!
This was a hard one to place, the show was somewhat corny but the running jokes made them special Between the Dance of Joy … the Wedding walk and my favorite the Bibi Babka Episode … I stayed laughing

JTS Moment: When Larry and Balki moved out of the apartment

20. Bosom Buddies 80 – 82

I admit that while this show was hilarious one of the other reasons it’s up this high was Sunny \o/ and Ruth Dunbar was the best!
Tom Hanks was perfect in the role albeit and incredibly absurd premise … they still accomplished something that could not be duplicated in today’s society (as evident by the failure of whatever that work it show was supposed to be this year)

JTS Moment: When everyone was let in on the secret

19. Amen 86 – 91

This is an underrated show … only those that appreciate the comedy stylings of Sherman Hemsley truly got this show … between he and Rolly and the Heterbrink sisters the laughs did not stop.

18. Taxi 78 – 83

Taxi is another show I didn’t really watch but it’s recognized as one of the best shows on TV ever, sitcom or not … I do appreciate Andy Kaufman and how he made Latka Gravas
… Tony Danza and Danny Devito …. eh.

JTS Moment: Thelma and Ruben getting married, and everything Clarence

17. Benson 79 – 86

Benson was funny on multiple levels
Former man servant turned Gov Aid turned Governor
Gov. Gatlin … Hilarious
Kraus … Hilarious
Clayton … Hilarious
They even had Jerry Seinfeld on it
They even mentioned the Internet when I didn’t know what the internet was … in the 80s son!

JTS Moment: Clayton leaving, and the Cliffhanger series finale

16. Family Matters 86 – 93

Albeit corny Family matters had enough laughs to make it to the top 20
Iconic character: Mother Winslow (joke)
Tons of controversy (The Killer steps and tons of repairs on a cops salary)
While boasting one of the most unattractive casts in TV history, it DID have the aforementioned Cherie and the immortal Michelle Thomas so .. it’s a wash
And shoutouts to Waldo Geraldo Faldo

JTS Moment: Too much Steve, Stephan, Myrtle, and ESPECIALLY Little Ritchie

15. WKRP in Cincinnati 78 – 82

Call me a homer if you want! But WKRP is A CLASSIC!
Every character on the show brought the funny one way or another, that show was a head of it’s time
Johnny Fever … Venus Flytrap and … Mmmmm Jennifer Marlowe \o/
Even the intro song was dope

JTS Moment: When the kids got killed at the Who concert

14. Soap 77 – 81

Soap is one of the greatest TV shows of all time, sitcom or otherwise, hilarious soap opera parody … Billy Crystal as Jodie Dallas; the first openly gay character, they talked about everything incest, sex, race, handicapped, nothing was off limits with the jokes there was alien abduction, prostitution, devil possession lol that show was wild

JTS Moment: The cliffhanger finale that wasn’t supposed to be

13. Married… with Children 87 – 97

Not much needs to be said about Married with Children, Al Bundy alone gets the show here
but you have Peggy, you have Marcy D’arcy … The Bundy bounce, and Grand Master B!!
Even Buck Bundy got jokes in
No MA’AM jokes … the wuss Steve … great show all around; could’ve been top 10 HAD to be top 15

JTS Moment: Jefferson D’Arcy of course

12. It’s Garry Shandling’s Show 86 – 90

Its the Garry Shandling Show was a classic in every sense of the word
The opening theme even ranks as one of the best (So simple yet funny)
The fourth wall STAYED broken … the fact that every cast memeber KNOWS they are on a TV show makes it more incredible (and funny)
LArry Sanders had nothing on this show

JTS Moment: When it went to FOX

11. Family Ties 82 – 89

It’s the Meredith Baxter-Birney vehicle!

Ahhh the Reagan years …
I always liked Elyse because she was an architect … Steve sucked
The Star of course was Alex, wonder what it would’ve been like had Matthew Broderick hadn’t turned the role down
… Mallory was kinda hot, no one cared about Jennifer
LOL I spent YEARS remembering Nick to be Mel Gibson lol
Oh and shoutouts to Skippy
Great theme too

JTS Moment: Andrew was born

So that’s that … next up is

The Top 10 ALL TIME!

For now, feel free to completely destroy what I have up until now in the comments! LOL
What has a bad ranking?
Too high?
Too Low?

… if you have more than 10 shows you haven’t seen yet then guess what? LOL

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  • Corey Chapman (@chapmanrunner)

    2 things:

    1. Family Matters does not belong in the Top 250 sitcoms of the 80s/90s/whenever. It was always terrible. always.

    2. Family Ties cant crack the Top 10? Man.

  • coako

    Alf really? lol

    • Classick Material

      Alf was great! At one point he was the funniest star on television. The Saturday morning cartoon, however… what were they thinking?

      • JD

        Alf was dumb in the 80s and embarrassingly dumb now looking back

  • Will

    I OBJECT to Jefferson named as the JTS moment for MWC. While McGinley has a reputation as a show killer, that’s one of his best roles. Plus, there are FAR more JTS moments for that show. How about the introduction of Seven, the Cousin Oliver who simply disappears after Katey Segal’s miscarriage? Or Kelly marrying into the Weinie Tots family.

    • Blu

      Co-sign 100%

  • Classick Material

    Surprise of this list: A VERY high ranking for “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show”, which, while groundbreaking and funny, wasn’t nearly as popular as some of the other shows you ranked below 12. But hey, it’s your list!

    As for Amen, you didn’t list a JTS moment, but it’s gotta be after Thelma and Ruben finally tie the knot, right? That maid Inga also qualifies as a JTS, and the departure of one of the Hetterbrink sisters as well…

  • Decky

    Soap and Benson left cliffhangers? I didn’t realize!

    Good calls on Bosom & Shandling. I tend to forget them but got many laughs from esp. Bosom Buddies. Wendie Jo Sperber. Why do I remember her?

    Married w Children would prob sneak in my top 10, I’d have to start listing them to see. Tough exercise.

    Loved Mama’s Family, even after everyone bailed.

    Love it so far!

  • JD

    I’ve always hated Married with Children, I wouldn’t rank it in the Top 500 shows of any genre let alone sitcoms.

    • Cap’n America

      Fuck you.

  • Brian Morin

    Great list. Your picks are spot on in my opinion. I’m looking forward to hearing the top 10.

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