2013 FartCon

July 15, 2013


Not able to make it or afford SDCC? There is another just as good convention that features all the excitement and exclusives of San Diego … it’s the FartCON!
For all Geeks, Nerds, and Pop culture enthusiast!
Why “Fart Con”? Well, it could stand for …
Furries A Really Trouble
Furley Alice Roper Threesome


… Fart is just funny to say
Lets go with Fresh Ass Retro Things

Anyway, I’ve set my schedule for this years FartCon and there are a ton of great panels and previews in the Halls, Ive decided to note some of the things that I plan on attending as well as some items I plan to pick up while I’m there …

Thursday July 18

10:00 am Fart Con How to: Whoever smelt it – Dealt it!

Ever wonder how certain foods affect your flatulence? Well after stopping by the food court, come by room 2 and visit our resident Doctors:
Pernell Roberts (Dr. Trapper John McIntyre) and Doogie Howser’s Markus Redmon as they analyze and try to name what you’ve eaten based on your farts

They are usually stumped on the Avengers themed: Thanos Locos Tacos


12:00 am Like A Boss

Stars: Judith Light (Who’s the boss), Scott Baio (Charles in Charge), Cosmo G. Spacely (The Jetsons), Danny DeVito (Taxi) discuss the new AMC drama. Spacely and Baio were partners in a very lucrative Ice Cream Truck business, when the weather changes they run an Executive Escort service, where the clients all fornicate in remodeled Ice Cream Trucks.
All goes well until a Rival Call Girl service being run out of Shawarma food trucks (DeVito and Light) which starts an on-going Dinner/Desert lust war


2:00pm Marvel How To: The Next Big thing

Join top execs at Marvel, Writers, and Talent scouts as they have a Q&A covering how to promote huge changes with your characters in comics and before you’re finished, announce a another big thing that’s going to change everything again … forever.

4:00pm Michael Bay’s The Snorks

Screen the new movie from Michael Bay; The Snorks … Allstar Seaworthy and Casey Kelp do battle with space samurai starfish to keep them from taking over the sea .. with help from Jo-Jo, Corky, and Tooter Shelby and outfitted with Snork Tech by Dr. Galeo Seaworthy can they overcome the Saltwater invasion?
Bay obviously took liberties with the story, be prepared for coral explosions, sea urchin bombs, and incomprehensible damage to another one of your beloved childhood cartoons


Friday July 19

11:00am 25th Anniversary of Roseanne

In 1988 ABC gave us the American family sitcom classic Roseanne … the story of the Working class Connors, trying to make their way with little money and a lot of love; well to commemorate the occasion Producers Carsey and Werner have teamed up with Mattel to release FartCON limited edition exclusive figures and play sets!
Be first in line for some of these great collectables only in Room 6F! Some of the exclusives include:

David Healy with Fluff-action fro:
An incredible mold of Johnny Galecki is one of the standouts of this set, activate the notch on his back to make his bangs fluff and puff up

Using a similar mold as MOTU’s Two Bad, this feature has one body but both the heads of Sara Gilbert and Sarah Chalke to recognize both women who portrayed Darlene Conner

Laser Lips Nancy Bartlett:
All collectors will want the first Sandra Bernhard action figure, this features laser lip action where pressing on her belly button, her lips shoot out at unsuspecting foes

Collect the whole set including the Wellman Plastics battle set, Rodbells Hideout, and even the Dog Faced- Darlene figure with her GED accessory!

2:00pm Hasbro: Transformers Cism on Cybertron

Members of the Hasbro and Hasbro Studios have outdone themselves, from all the years of people saying G1 Jazz and G1 Soundwave were “Black”; they’ve upped the ante! A new story from the “dark Side of Cybertron” features a brand new species of Transformers called the Negricons
They came to earth in a Cadillacicon and landed in Watts … to blend in they took the form of items found in their immediate surroundings there’s:

  • Hotwing – A Chicken Wing
  • FUBot – A 1995 FUBU Hoodie
  • Jumpshot – Basketball
  • Dime Bag – Cellophane bag of “energon”
  • Twerkatron – A female Nergicon with incredible hip joints
  • Kool-Aidicus w/ 2 transforming variants Grape and Red.

… Viewing may start late .. like ’round 4:00pm Friday

4:30pm A Crying Shame (Working Title)

Stars Kirstie Alley (Cheers), Suzanne Somers (Three’s Company), Jasmine Guy (A Different World), and Carrie Fisher (Star Wars) as four women who visits bars every weekend and try to convince men that they use to be really hot


6:00pm Star Wars X: Weekend at Anakin’s

Follow the hilarious exploits of two unassuming storm troopers who go to report to Lord Vader only to find out he’s dead! The fun doesn’t stop there, as in minutes Anakin receives visits from Luke, Leia, and even the Emperor! How long can these guys keep up the ruse that their leader is no longer with them whilst getting into all types of hilarious hijinks!?!


8:00pm Mortal Kombat: TGIF
Select your favorite stars from ABC’s 90s TGIF lineup and do battle for world supremacy, FINISH THEM with moves such as:

Balki’s Bibby Babka Bomb
Coach Lubbock 10 Spine rip
Baby Sinclair “Not the momma” mash

Saturday July 20

11:00am Batman: Alfred Origins

Witness the next installment in the blockbuster videogame franchise. Developed by Lynn Belvedere and Gordon Ramsey, Batman: Alfred Origins features an expanded Gotha City and introduces an original prequel story line, set in the 70s when a swinging Alfred Pennyworth balances life between whores, cocaine, and murder all while teaching home economics at Arkham finishing schools
It’s a fast life of betrayal, drugs, guns, quiche, and folded fitted sheets … available on Wii Me, Xbox twelve, and PlayStation 9.5

1:00pm Lego: Lets take it back!

The Guys at lego show off their band new series of playsets and blind bags based off of 1980’s sitcoms! The brand new licensed themes are sure to be a hit with collectors and reaches beyond the building blocks as there are also video games and feature films in the making!

Lego Jack’s Bistro
Using the newly acquired Threes a Crowd license, Lego has produced an incredible replica of Jack’s Bistro along with Lego EZ Taylor, and special Larry Dallas and Greed Gretchen variants

Lego Gimme a break! (Cartoon)
Follow Lego Nell and Adelaide as they become private investigators and get into crazy situations as they interrupt and distract Chief Kanisky and Ralph Simpson in the line of duty … video game forth coming

Lego Bosom Buddies
Collect the Lego Susan B Anthony Hotel where you can set up Lego Kip and Henry as Buffy and Hildegard using extra blocks making this a massive collection, the Isabelle Hammond piece (Telma Hopkins) is essential a repaint of the Gimme a Break! Adelaide
Ruth Dumbar is available with Battle Axe and Sonny is body realistic.

Also be on the lookout for: Lego Sha Na Na, Lego Kate and Allie, Lego Sledge Hammer!, and Lego Rockford Files


2:00pm Sidekick Warrior Wimps

A New Team-up book series that follows Orko The Magician (Masters of the Universe) and Snarf (Thundercats) where they constantly find trouble and run away from it with no He-Man or Lion-O to be found, this 12 – issue story arc goes absolutely nowhere and has zero continuity … one book they are in a magical forest, next book a 1980s discotheque in hell’s kitchen NY
Written by Josh Saviano (Paul from Wonder Years) and Heywood Nelson (Dewayne from Good Times) this book is sure to appeal to … Sidekick buffs everywhere?

5:00pm Ethnic League of America

DC will show a trailer of their rumored ELA film franchise … not able to nail down a plan for a Justice League Movie they have decided to take the manufactured ethnic heroes o their critically acclaimed Super friends cartoon … this 5 movie plan includes:
Apache Chief: Big Man (Summer 2016)
The Mysterious ruins of El Dorado
Toshio Eto is The Samurai
Black Vulcan: Out of nowhere

All culminating in a team up against SPOILER ALERT: An Evil Kwame, Linka, Gia, Ma-Ti, and Wheeler who forms rouge Captain Planet
ELA Coming Summer 2020


FartCON exclusive Previews, figures and collectors items:

Exclusive trailer of Miramax’s new Gamera film!
Gamera vs. Baxter Stockman

Presto The Magician, Orko, Evil-Lyn head a panel entitled: When Magic goes Wrong

Magic the Gathering: Hollywood Montrose edition


Sideshow Collectibles debuts their Greatest American Hero Steampunk Ralph sixth scale figure

New Anime cartoon: The Adventures of Munchkin Booty

Voltron: Panda Force

Promo clip of Stripe Gremlin’s late night talk show

Podcast Exclusives


GI Joe: Scoop Troop Battalion

C.H.A.P.S: Packaged in leather chaps with maple leafs on them, ham accessory, and invasion plans
Point Viper w/ Moon Choker armor
Cr0ut Kruger
Hard Fart driver of the S.Q.U.A.T (Super Quiet Undetectable Artillery Toot)

MOTUC: Marzo and the Eternia Flower Child Two-Pack

Acid Marzo w/ Man-e-Dicks variant
Reveng-or with Battle Sombrero


If you’ve ‘heard’ of any other panels or exclusives feel free to leave them in the comments
… see you there!

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  • http://gravatar.com/alleyviper alleyviper

    everybody will be scoopin’ up some ELA figures!

  • http://twitter.com/Count_Marzo Marzo Kalif (@Count_Marzo)

    FartCON >>>> SDCC.

    Thursday, I’d definitely have to hit up Like a Boss and Michael Bay’s The Snorks. lol!!!

    Friday and Saturday, I’m spending A LOT of $$$ on some wonderful collectibles. More than SDCC even. Definitely need a Two-Becks. Dime Bag, Twerkatron, and Kool-Aidicus from the Transformers Cism collection. I’m waiting in line as many hours or days as it takes for Lego Jack’s Bistro, the Scoop Troop, and that MOTUC 2 pack.

    • eclectik

      Pick me up, I’m coming with, we can play Magic The Gathering: Hollywood Montrose while we wait!

  • Howie Decker

    Hilarious. Good to see Josh Saviano got some work.


  • Lamar the Revenger

    Reveng-or with Battle Sombrero. .. first time Mattycollector DIDN’T sell out.

  • @davenappy

    That idea for the Ethnic League of America is stroke of genius. GENIUS I say. As you wrote, it gives WB the best chance of putting together a team-up super-hero film while appearing to address diversity in superhero movies/comics.

    I would definitely attend this con!

  • http://gravatar.com/claymationwerewolf ClaymationWerewolf

    This was your Magnum Opus!! I loved this. I wish I could actually go to this convention (way more appealing than that ridiculous thing in SanDiego) but I’ll settle for just reading through this a few more times. Fantastic work!

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