iThink: Flaming Hot Pineapples

May 7, 2012

Random thoughts in eclectik fashion …..

I saw Avengers … dolo but in some ways that’s for the best
The only real drawback to the movie was it wasn’t 4 hours with an intermission lol
I have thoughts … I’ll talk about them on the KilqNation Podcast first

I really wanted some TGI Friday’s chicken tenders for some reason

RIP MCA … that was awful and F cancer

Why do people love cupcakes so hard but diss muffins? Muffins seem like they should be better
… guess cuz you can’t put icing on muffins, or at least shouldn’t fattys

If the new iPhone really were going to look like this then …. YES

Makeup … I will never understand it, who is that for?
If it’s for women: why? What does it make you feel like, especially since YOU can’t see it all day?
If it’s for men: Why? We prefer to see what you really look like … we aren’t fans

Football cannot come soon enough

I have mostly female friends because my male friends are lame … and females are pretty.

Pineapples taste better than Strawberries

Honestly I don’t like to do much if I had my way this is what I’d do:

Watch TV
Watch Movies
Play Sports Video Games
Listen to old school music
Watch Football
Play Cards
Play Dominoes
Play Board games
Reminisce on back in the day

Speaking of fruit, we know that fruit is good for you … but it’s hard to determine why and what each fruit brings to the table
Like, what does Mango do? What vitamins? What are the good properties of pears?
Right. see? Eff you fruit!

Alicia Harris #appreciation

Scandal is the best show on network TV … all the other good shows require cable

New shows to check for:

The Pitch
Magic City

I need to go shopping … and the need comes from me wanting to have my closet full of new clothes

Instagram is cool … but really its useless or rather serves no real point lol

Flaming Hot Cheetos are addictive

I’m closed minded on new music … new music is like the club people keep telling you how much you’re missing and you should try it and as soon as you do 5 seconds in you realize it was a bad idea

Shoutouts to everyone who listens to the eclectik discussion podcast, I really appreciate you putting up with my randomness
… I know you could be doing ANYTHING other than listening to me lol

Hey Kool-Aid, it’s not Kool to misspell a word like that and give it to kids at such an early age … and get that big fat tub of juice out my living room

Lifestyles of the rich and famous was one thing but why do people care about celebrities personal lives, their babies, them at the beach, or their opinions on anything other than their profession?
Blogs are stupid … cept this one hi.

Finally watched Breaking Bad (And by watched I mean ALL four seasons) … not a bad show
1. Not better than Mad Men
2. I don’t know how much more Bad to break after that Season 4 finale
3. That wife is the worst woman on TV, even worse than Betty Francis

Star Wars sucks as a whole because of Lucas and because Vader died

You can follow me on twitter if you want … you can also unfollow me; either way

Watching Nicki Minaj new video on mute is not the worst thing you can do

In a Fatal Four way believe it or not, I’d give the win to Sophia
… I think the order of elimination would go Rose, Blanche, Dorothy … I can picture Sophia doing some real Yoda style movements
Picture it: The Force

I need a three day weekend … who got one?

I think I’m the only one who listens to the #EDP in one setting … sad or egotistical? both.

The mere fact that you’re singing about those bridges in London collapsing is rude … fair lady or not

Ill care about the NBA playoffs around the Conf finals when there’s a sweep or Game 7 and the Lakers are losing or have loss
.. And then I’ll only care around 10%

Do you RT things from my site? My Show? Well you should … now do it

Necklaces out of style?

Everyone knows it takes Wings longer on the grill … do those last ass wad

Chick Fil A Breakfast isn’t great but the fact that you can have their chicken that early is

“How do you do it? Smooth Jazz, Bongo Drums, Bag of Weed?” – Tony Stark

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  • iAmBigBen87

    looking at that last avengers pic im sure that is the mind gem…anyways great post of randomness

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