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iThink: On the Chainwax

May 14, 2014

Are Blogs dead? Or just mine? There’s going to be a TV show named “Selfie” When a person says “F**k You” … what exactly does that mean? … Is it they want to do it to me? … They want someone to do it to me? Same thing with “You Suck” … suck what? Not…

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Do I Do: Astro Ice

June 27, 2013

Do you? Think women spending $100 + getting her hair done is imcomprensible? … espeically since the following week it looks like nothing ever happened. Hate missing the previews at the movies? enjoy drnking (fluids) more than eating? Think Oral is just a part of sex instead of a special gift? Only care about NBA…

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Always Funky Fresh

July 17, 2012

“Funky Fresh Dressed to impress Ready to Party …money in ya pocket dyin to move ya body” You know what?? The Fall is the shit! Football. Yep New TV Shows. Yep Annnnnnnd The Fall Wardrobe! Mannnn the fall is the illest season for clothes, you can rock the sweaters, T Shirts, Button Downs, and Jeans…

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iThink: Flaming Hot Pineapples

May 7, 2012

Random thoughts in eclectik fashion ….. I saw Avengers … dolo but in some ways that’s for the best The only real drawback to the movie was it wasn’t 4 hours with an intermission lol I have thoughts … I’ll talk about them on the KilqNation Podcast first I really wanted some TGI Friday’s chicken…

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