iThink: You too Grandma

January 20, 2015

It’s been a random thoughts minute … Every site (including this one) is doing lists … I’m kind of tired of them, but what else is there to post? Oh … some of this! Ohio State *ahem* THE Ohio State University won the National Championship (handily) … they are better than you and your face.…

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iThink: Cryin James Plaza

October 10, 2014

Look who’s back to posting! Its not meant for me to win at Fantasy Football this season New TV shows are pretty good so far, new post soon. Steak is so good … Bone-in has better flavor, but I never truly clean the bone. … clean the bone. My crushes are all getting pregnant by…

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iThink: On the Chainwax

May 14, 2014

Are Blogs dead? Or just mine? There’s going to be a TV show named “Selfie” When a person says “F**k You” … what exactly does that mean? … Is it they want to do it to me? … They want someone to do it to me? Same thing with “You Suck” … suck what? Not…

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iThink: Cinnamon Ratajkowski in 4K

March 19, 2014

JUST my random thoughts … You know if you follow my twitter account (@eclectik) you might think: “He’s weird” … if you listen to my podcast you will know I’m weird … in a good or at least funny way though I did a show with Spinderella; I did a show with Kwame … two…

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iThink: $6,000 Corn Chips

September 30, 2013

Where have I been? Doin stuff, stop being so nosy … now read my thoughts People say corn chips (like Fritos) smell like feet … this means at some point everyone has been around feet that smelled like Fritos … maybe it should be FriToes You know how many friends I have on Facebook? I…

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iThink: Triumphant Goodbody

June 11, 2013

You ever notice the cereal was called “Mr. T” and not Mr. T cereal? Doritos were invented at Disneyland in the 60’s I get annoyed easily … this annoys me. Whiskey Tango Fart Yes Sergio said what he said, but Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen also did this It’s “No. I am your father” ……

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iThink: Packing Peanuts

May 6, 2013

Things that I think …. So I think Ernie Keebler and Wendell the baker snuffed out their partners … all of a sudden there’s only one cinnamon toast crunch baker and one Keebler elf … Crackle and Pop better watch out Bottom line was if your bologna didn’t have the red plastic strip on the…

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iThink: Ring Pops and KTs

February 20, 2013

I haven’t done one of these in a while, Twitter has been siphoning all of my random thoughts, let’s see if I still got it For some reason I always thought Tab soda tasted like diet bubble gum Mr. Roper was only okay with Jack living there because he thought he was gay … there’s…

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iThink: Care Bears and Beer Pong

September 24, 2012

Weekend was good … Ohio State Won The Reds Clinched The Bengals Won (RGIII FEH! I say!) … and I got me a new Apple Phone 5 See? it’s on my Instagram Are men still cutting lines in their eyebrows? You know what have always been dumb sounding phrases? “Hard on” and “On Hard” If…

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iThink: Captain Morgans and Jeter

August 9, 2012

The things I think … in random fashion … in random order … in living color … in too deep … in-A-Gadda-Da-Vida … in wait. what? No more single tweets, ‘m finally in a relationship! My girlfriend is back! We broke up … it was bitter, but we reconciled and I couldn’t be happier! They…

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iThink: Grubby Caramel Corn

May 21, 2012

Hey it’s random thoughts time … so ima start typing Weekend was uneventful … but I’d rather that than a host of awful events I’m done with Breaking Bad and Mad Men back episodes … even caught up on Revenge … any TV suggestions?? Pecan pie is everything The Highest rated show is still the…

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iThink: Flaming Hot Pineapples

May 7, 2012

Random thoughts in eclectik fashion ….. I saw Avengers … dolo but in some ways that’s for the best The only real drawback to the movie was it wasn’t 4 hours with an intermission lol I have thoughts … I’ll talk about them on the KilqNation Podcast first I really wanted some TGI Friday’s chicken…

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iThink: Snoopac and Funk Claws

April 16, 2012

Its random post Monday again … so random thoughts Great Weekend … did some shoppin, copped some things Notably Retro 10s The NBA was on … I just can’t bring myself to care …basketball is so wack now That NeNe on RHOA is an awful unattractive, bitter chick … that’s the template for most women…

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iThink: Sweet Pickles and Jockey Shorts

April 2, 2012

“And while I’m away Dust out the demons inside And it won’t be long before you and me run To the place in our hearts where we hide” Hey, it’s Monday … Hey it’s Random thoughts … Special shoutouts to my 5 readers and 3 commenters lol Ohio State Lost … guess who has no…

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iThink: Peanut Butter, Bacon, Baileys

March 26, 2012

“When you lie, kiss your baby bye bye bye. And if you’re true, the whole wide world will laugh with you.” New Monday … more randomness! … not like you guys look forward to it, but I still be typin it Ohio State won! Awwww yeah MFrs! I’m still alive in the bracket that I…

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iThink: Scissor Kicks and Graham Crackers

March 19, 2012

“And so the conversation turned …Until the sun went down And many fantasies were learned, on that day …” Hey it’s Monday … Hey it’s Randomness … hi March is filled with Madness … I kinda care, kinda don’t … seems as though when there’s not a lot of money on sports I don’t care…

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iThink: Bit-o-Honey and Front Butt

March 12, 2012

Pretty Good weekend … The Mall got me a gain and fed my shoe addiction Jordan 14s and some Prada Sneakers Special shoutouts to everyone that’s downloaded, listened and more importantly commented/left iTunes reviews for the podcast … really appreciated Working with Autodesk 2012 … you could care less …………. Tweeted by me (@eclectik) When…

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iThink: Ewoks and Pudding Pops

March 5, 2012

Another weekend in the books … it’s Monday, that means Random Thoughts I watched almost a whole NBA game yesterday … the Knicks v. Celtics had me somewhat entertained but ultimately … feh I have more fun with my My Player on NBA 2K12 I still didn’t do Brunch .. prolly cuz I was broke;…

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iThink: Aggressive Tevin

February 27, 2012

The NBA All Star Weekend is nowhere close to where it used to be, I still watch out of tradition but… This weekend coming up perhaps I’ll enjoy some brunch A Lot of feedback from the first podcast … not a lot of comments but the Mary “fans” on Twitter lit me up LOL People…

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iThink: Velma Thighs and Duck Hunt

February 20, 2012

But fish DOES Fry in the kitchen … and what are beans doing on the grill? What are you some kinda Hobo? … maybe you should work on not buring down the damn house PRIOR to movin own up I went to the theater to see Ghost Rider 3D … I’d rather have Ecco the…

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