iThink: Captain Morgans and Jeter

August 9, 2012

The things I think … in random fashion … in random order … in living color … in too deep … in-A-Gadda-Da-Vida … in wait. what?

No more single tweets, ‘m finally in a relationship! My girlfriend is back! We broke up … it was bitter, but we reconciled and I couldn’t be happier!

They shoulda made a Teen wolf sequel with a woman (Shoutouts to “we’ve got Bush”)

Hey, I have a podcast and stuff

My tweets are hilarious, but I’m the only one who laughs at them

Chick Fil A Breakfast is Chick Fil A any other time … just with biscuits

I’m not sure if I’d be so happy doing the neutron dance … like especially if it was against my will

Sometimes opinions aren’t needed … regardless if they are solicited or not

I’m about to bang on my keyboard right now

Got it.

Red bull and 5 hour energy makes me sleepy … not a fan

The mere fact that a gesture (middle finger) gets blurred on TV is offensive 1. It means nothing and 2. Who is it offending? Its brings more attention when it’s blurred
… fukwads

When I go to work … I work. (and tweet, and web surf, and blog, and plan #EDP episodes, and dance and sing and spin and … wait.)

Who wants to have an orgy?

Hey … you know how they say “Making Love”? 1. isn’t that just F’n slow? 2. Doesn’t it seem aggressive? Cuz it’s always “Make love to you” TO? not With? Or in? or on? Damn TO!? Like take it … take it Look what I’m doing to you … I’m makin it to you …whore lol

Captain Morgan’s Black is >>>>> your entire life
… like if I had to pick between you living or another bottle … bottoms up!

Everyone knows that those Strawberry candies are the number one over your grandmother’s house candies!

GI Joe was the greatest and worst cartoon ever

Every payday I buy a payday

Guess what? Nothin.

Fantasy Drafts are comin … if you’re not doing an Auction Draft then you’re missing out and your breath stinks

People are stupid and annoying … and a lot of time they are that way on purpose.

I miss life without Twitter … it totally ruined the Olympics; I know just don’t log in … but then what would I do with my life?

Oh. Carmelita Jeter #appreciation

The new Nas is okay at best … people are talking like it’s the second coming; it’s prolly 4 songs I like on it

The Dark Knight Rises is overrated but NOT as overrated as The Dark Knight

Swiss cheese Plot
Bale is still an awful Batman (Great Wayne)
Logic is all out the window
I’m not even sure what happened in the movie
… all that to say I liked it better than The Dark Knight

Do you listen to the eclectik discussion podcast? You should … its all good and stuff
You know what sucks? On iTunes and Stitcher you’re not able to do direct links to specific episodes … I have a catalog that needs to be celebrated!

New iPhone and iPad on deck … and I need them to happen soon … and ima be broke

When does NBA2K13 come out? I wanna get My Player poppin off

… Ima get an Air too; I promise I’m poor

Welch’s fruit snacks >>>>

I wanna play/buy Madden but I don’t like online gaming and my friends are too spread out to come and play … and it doesn’t have enough re-playability for extended solo fun
… Someone buy it for me

I’ve been running this site since before twitter existed … I’ve been doing these type thoughts/posts forever … I invented this shit son!

I’ve gained a bigger appreciation for action figures … it’s cool that when you’re grown and have a job you can buy all the things you wanted when you were young and broke lol
… keeps you young.

They are action figures not dolls DICK!

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  • Corey Chapman (@chapmanrunner)

    very, VERY random, even for you E. You feeling alright? lmao.

    PS. Love those strawberry candies.

  • Sheila

    The candy of choice was those soft dinner mints or the orange slice jelly candy.

    I’m glad football is back too!!! Even though I’m a casual fan basic knowledge of the game.

  • Dave

    “I’ve gained a bigger appreciation for action figures … it’s cool that when you’re grown and have a job you can buy all the things you wanted when you were young and broke lol
    … keeps you young.”


    • eclectik

      People dont understand! Second Childhood is GREAT!

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