iThink: Packing Peanuts

May 6, 2013

science class

Things that I think ….

So I think Ernie Keebler and Wendell the baker snuffed out their partners … all of a sudden there’s only one cinnamon toast crunch baker and one Keebler elf
… Crackle and Pop better watch out

Bottom line was if your bologna didn’t have the red plastic strip on the edges you weren’t doin it up right

You know what I don’t care about? Packing peanuts.
… and nothing you can do will change that


Were there typhoon, Tsunami, Snow, Light drizzle, and overcast Troopers in Star Wars as well?

The mere fact that you’re reading this makes you better than everyone who isn’t

I mean I guess you could tell a woman that at least its fun size

Highlighters are way better than markers/sharpies, and if you disagree then … well you don’t feel the same.

Twitter is for entertainment and information, as soon as it gets serious and /or people start preaching I abort …and unfollow

Hi new readers and new listeners of the podcast … it’s me o/

Why call them dice? What’s so dicey about them?

Why are names short for other names? Stop being so lazy

Lion-O’s hair was always going to one side… wind or not


I cannot type without looking at the keyboard, which also means I cannot type.

Oh this? It’s the message board … let’s talk.

There are more words than pictures on instagram … this offends me.

I want 4 giggles cookies.

I don’t watch the news; I just don’t care anymore … besides all they want to do is scare you:

  • Is there something on your doorknob that could kill your grandparents? Tune in at 11
  • If you say these words will your tongue fall out? We will tell you after the game
  • 90,000 people shot dead with nerf guns, we’re live on the scene … could your kid be next?

No one enjoys cherry starbursts

Cherry Starburst

I could never own the Microsoft Surface tablet, not only because I’m an apple fanboy, but because I’m not prepared to freestyle hip hop dance for no apparent reason

How long till Football season?

Godzilla vs. Grape Ape … I got Grape Ape

Why Roman Numerals? Aren’t the numbers we have sufficient?

Looking at it, Skeletor belongs in Castle Greyskul … even the box art thought so


Inspector Gadget is a really grim tale … he had to be in one hell of an accident to have to be rebuilt that way … he must want to kill himself.

Fun stopped sometime around 1996

GI Joe was a real American hero … so when Cobra was doing all types of things around the globe, what jurisdiction did the Joes have?

Mel really couldn’t tell when Alice dressed up as Sam Butler


Pizza Rolls or Pizza Bagel Bites?

I want a 64 box of Crayola’s … with the sharpener in the back of course
… Remember the kids who had those generic crayons? The colors were written all bold … and they had some kinda argyle pattern down the side?
Get those non-Crayola’s outta here ya simp!

Scared Shitless is way better being scared shitmore

Nothing is happening on Saturday Mornings these days, why not just replay all the 80s cartoons?


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  • Brian Morin

    Replay 80s cartoons on Saturday mornings? Hell yes!

    • eclectik

      Such a simple solution … they have the tapes!

  • Jason Gross (@SockOfFleagulls)

    I think your the only cat on the planet that can make random thoughts with reading… Love these posts.

    I take offense to the Grape Ape comment. Gotta respect Godzilla….

    • Jason Gross (@SockOfFleagulls)

      Worth reading, not with

    • eclectik

      LOL I appreciate you reading sir … and putting up with my Randomness
      Godzilla? Feh! Lemme Call Gamera!!!

  • Marzo Kalif (@Count_Marzo)

    Randomness = greatness!! This is why we all love the #EDP.

    and lol @ Castelo De Grayskull. Masters Del Universo!

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