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iThink: You too Grandma

January 20, 2015

It’s been a random thoughts minute … Every site (including this one) is doing lists … I’m kind of tired of them, but what else is there to post? Oh … some of this! Ohio State *ahem* THE Ohio State University won the National Championship (handily) … they are better than you and your face.…

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iThink: Cryin James Plaza

October 10, 2014

Look who’s back to posting! Its not meant for me to win at Fantasy Football this season New TV shows are pretty good so far, new post soon. Steak is so good … Bone-in has better flavor, but I never truly clean the bone. … clean the bone. My crushes are all getting pregnant by…

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iThink: On the Chainwax

May 14, 2014

Are Blogs dead? Or just mine? There’s going to be a TV show named “Selfie” When a person says “F**k You” … what exactly does that mean? … Is it they want to do it to me? … They want someone to do it to me? Same thing with “You Suck” … suck what? Not…

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Podcast: EDP 306 – Kwame goin Geekmode (@Kwamedidit)

January 28, 2014

The Podcast is back with Hip Hop Pioneer, Producer, and Geek Kwame!!! Join me and The Boy Genius As we discuss: The Golden Era The State of Hip Hop Kwame’s production Writing the rhymes for BBD’s Poison Algebra Blessett DC vs. Marvel Sneakers And a lot more … even a game of name the…

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Podcast: EDP104 – Grade School Memories

December 31, 2013

EDP Throwback series! REMASTERED! If you’ve never heard it, it’s new to you … if you have; it’s been a while This week’s episode? Grade School Years Join me and @12Kyle from the 12 Radio show on Blog Talk Radio (And the “Did Mary J Blige Kill R&B?” Show) as we discuss back in the…

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EDP305 – Rarely heard R&B Christmas playlist

December 17, 2013

So I just did my Christmas Podcast, and before I posted it I thought about Christmas music and how this time everyone plays the same songs by the same artists over and over … and I figured why not do a post about some lesser known about, maybe obscure, or at the very least the…

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Podcast: EDP304 – Future Tech

December 10, 2013

Google Glass, Self driving Cars … all this new tech will be very interesting in application, what happened to the good old days or Speak n Spell? Oh well, just thinking about stuff and turned on the mic … listen if you wish Comment and Share: Like on Facebook, Google + the show, Thumbs up…

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NowEyeKnow: Credit

November 27, 2013

Why didn’t they tell me…???? College is cool but…you can and will starve Debt is a real Sex without a condom and sex with a condom does NOT feel the same … never ever go without! lol Leasing a vehicle is NOT the way to go Grades 4-12 will be the greatest years of your…

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Podcast: EDP103 – Nas’ illmatic

November 8, 2013

EDP Throwback series! REMASTERED! If you’ve never heard it, it’s new to you … if you have; it’s been a while This episode of The eclectik discussion Podcast (WHICH is Also on iTunes), we spotlight the 1994 debut album from Nas “illmatic” arguably the greatest Hip Hop Album of the 90s (Not really cuz if…

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What’s eclectik watching: 2013 Fall TV update

October 24, 2013

So since What’s eclectik watching: 2013 Fall TV Schedule I’ve been watching some stuff … just about everything I said I would (I even watched We are Men … and didn’t hate it, it’s cancelled so moving along …) Figured I’d write what I thought so far about what I’m watching on a weekly basis,…

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Podcast: EDP101 – Did Mary J Blige Kill R&B?

October 9, 2013

EDP Throwback series! If you’ve never heard it, it’s new to you … if you have; it’s been a while Can the recent trends in music (For better or for worse) be traced back to Mary J Blige’s debut “What’s the 411?” I certainly think so, join me and @12Kyle from 12Radio Show where we…

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Do I Do: Skittle Peltin

August 26, 2013

Do you? Want to shoulder tackle your boss while he’s giving a presentation Check the mirror often so to make sure you don’t have dry skin on your nose Wonder why Jimmy cracked the corn Wonder why anyone should care that Jimmy did it Hate when people press the elevator button when it’s ALREADY been…

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EDP218 – After School Special

July 13, 2013

Schools is out for the day, time to go home and play! Join me and my guest Corey Chapman (@ChapmanRunner) Sports Fan, Father, Pepsi Enthusiast … Mr. Serious? … as we discuss The good old days, the old school days … what went on when school was out Riding the Buss Getting in trouble School…

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EDP217 – Tech Foul (w/ @JustnSlayer)

June 28, 2013

FIRST Listen to EDP216 – The Evolution of Basketball Video Games w/ @JustnSlayer .. and now the “After Show” The Show is over The Studio Audience has gone home Studio Lights off … The Crew is done It is Damn Near Devin’s bedtime It’s just me and this week’s guest … backstage … Join me…

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iThink: Triumphant Goodbody

June 11, 2013

You ever notice the cereal was called “Mr. T” and not Mr. T cereal? Doritos were invented at Disneyland in the 60’s I get annoyed easily … this annoys me. Whiskey Tango Fart Yes Sergio said what he said, but Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen also did this It’s “No. I am your father” ……

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Lil Dicky is the funny

June 10, 2013

I was late to the party on Jenna Marbles, and I almost missed the boat on Lil Dicky This guy is hilarious, and I cant stand 90% of rap that’s out but I can listen to him. First thing I heard was Ex-Girlfriend if I tried to explain the story in the song you wouldn’t…

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EDP214 – The Uncanny Podcast

June 4, 2013

It’s the Uncanny Podcast! All X-Men everything Join me and my guest JP Fairfield (@isitis), of Shiny things go here … Nerdgasm Noire Network, Operation Cubicle, and Character Select! … as we discuss X-Men and the Muties Favorite Characters Best Villains The FOX Cartoon The Movies The Wolverine spinoffs And more! Of course the Fifth…

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How I’d fix TNA Wrestling

May 7, 2013

The WWE is making it harder and harder to enjoy wrestling these days … they are like EA with the monopoly on the NFL games … they make madden, and you either buy it or dont have a football game … but technically they are not the only game in town. TNA could be a…

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iThink: Packing Peanuts

May 6, 2013

Things that I think …. So I think Ernie Keebler and Wendell the baker snuffed out their partners … all of a sudden there’s only one cinnamon toast crunch baker and one Keebler elf … Crackle and Pop better watch out Bottom line was if your bologna didn’t have the red plastic strip on the…

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EDP212 – The Pyramid

April 29, 2013

The EDP goes Game show! Not like the Guy LeDouche, but an actual Game show! The $54.11 Pyramid! Why $54.11? Well it’s an ode to the iconic Reeboks worn by girls in the 80’s they are called 54.11’s because that was the total price of the shoes after taxes   Anyway, This show pits the…

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