What’s eclectik watching: 2013 Fall TV update

October 24, 2013


So since What’s eclectik watching: 2013 Fall TV Schedule I’ve been watching some stuff … just about everything I said I would (I even watched We are Men … and didn’t hate it, it’s cancelled so moving along …) Figured I’d write what I thought so far about what I’m watching on a weekly basis, okay? okay.

So I break up shows into 5 categories, 4 of them are below … the 5th are shows I really dont care about and just record and almost never watch (The Voice, etc.) The four main ones are …

Appointment TV – I have to watch when it comes on because I either really like it or Twitter will spoil it and I’m not disciplined enough to stay off twitter.
Next Day Tivo – I enjoy the show but it has Appointment TV time conflicts or I have no chance of it being spoiled because Twitter doesnt care about it
Weekend Catch Up – Decent show but its non-essential, I can have a couple on my Tivo and watch all at one time, I can miss it.
Background Filler – The show doesn’t have to have my attention, I can watch it whenever, fold clothes or clean up while it’s playing

K. Lets get to it.


The Blacklist

Appointment TV
The Best new show of the lot
Spader is incredible as always… makes me miss Boston Legal
I like that there’s some mystery with Elizabeth Keen’s husband (It’s about to go down) … who put the cameras up?
I don’t care for Meera … she’s annoying
But let me get this straight … this guy was a FBI most wanted, turns himself in … tells them about a Blacklist (Which he could’ve very well made up) promised to help them and he just walks free does crime, kills people and all is well?
Still great though LOL


Weekend Catch Up
I had no plan on watching this show but for some reason I’m intrigued.
Part of the reason I was in was because it was a reason to watch Toni Trucks … but yeah she’s dead.
So the Rouge FBI guys want the doctor to kill the President in surgery but she figures aw way around it
The family is being held hostage … but they go to work and go to school etc. etc.
And the president isn’t having surgery anymore … so what is this show about now? LOL
… but I’m watching.

Bar Rescue

Background Filler
I don’t know when the show actually comes on, but I love it … this and Chopped are great guilty pleasures
I find out a lot about bars (Since Im a lush this is important)
I find how disgusting and negligent bar owners can be (Which doesn’t help me at all)
Also I judge bartenders based on things they do
I also like when the owners hate the name or design and change it back after the show then go out of business
… any show with a girly reveal I seem to like.



Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Appointment TV
Show is moving slow, it’s not great but it’s not awful
Everyone is good except Skye and her Handler … neither can act very well, both characters are useless and bland; least Skye is kinda hot
Need a long story arc and a couple of villains that we have heard of
Wrecker would be cool
Madame Masque makes too much sense
A.I.M Also makes too much sense
Taskmaster (With an updated look of course)
I’m sticking with it … but we need more, much more.

The Goldbergs

Weekend Catch Up
I had high hopes for The Goldbergs I thought it would be Wonder Years but 80s
It’s not.
The Family isn’t very likable
There is no lovable neighbor or cool friend to like
The show doesn’t really focus on a single character like Wonder Years did with Kevin
The Biggest problem I have is it’s not chronological, after tweeting with the show creator he told me each episode is “in the 80s”
… So it’s not in order at all. He also said he really only wants 2 seasons so…. eh.
I dunno, it’s been bumped down from Appointment TV to Weekend Catch up, bordering on Background Filler

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Next Day Tivo
Best New Comedy so far, great cast; we have funny, we have hot, and we have unexpected silliness … well done
I like the competition between Jake and Melissa
I like Charles and his crush on Rosa
Gina is hilarious … Chelsea Peretti will be the breakout of the show
Braugher does comedy well
… I do wish Terry Crews would stay away from my media.

Person of Interest

Next Day Tivo
I might be one of the few who’s watching this show but I dig it
The Cast is great you got Taraji Henson, Michael Emerson, you even have Jesus!
The way they solve or save the “people” is always cool even if formulaic at times but the new season is even better because who’s on full time?
Sarah Shahi!!!!


Amy Acker too … she was dope on Dollhouse
I recommend it

NCIS Los Angeles

Background Filler
Not a new show, I still watch though
LL Cool J is great
I hate Hetty
Marty Deeks is cool
And Kensi is so damn hot.


Real Husbands of Hollywood

Appointment TV
This show is just ridiculously silly … impossible not to laugh at Kevin Hart on this show.
Everyone plays their part well, cameos are done right as well.



Next Day Tivo
Blood vs. Water not an incredible dope idea … I miss regular ass Survivor; no need for all the twists and gimmicks … just go out and survive
Redemption Island or whatever it is … get rid of that too
With all that being said I still watch, I enjoy backstabbing, the competitions are corny I like the outwit part best
AND the bikinis


Weekend Catch Up
I will admit, this should is turning into Fringe. What I mean by that is I watched EVERY episode of Fringe beginning to end and around the second season or so I had NO idea what the show was about.
Same with Revolution, the first season was great … I don’t even know what is happening anymore
Power came back
Some bombs went off
There are some horses
A Guy got shot and was brought back to life by nanobots
Now he has telepathy and fire powers
Like WTF is going on here!?!?!
… I’m watching though


Appointment TV
Arrow is great.
Good storytelling, mostly good acting (They are keeping the little sister off the show more which is smart)
This is super hero done right … we are getting close to him being called Green Arrow (Still needs a better mask; or A MASK
Oliver’s crew is dope
And between this show has some of the finest women on TV … this Black Canary yep.
They have actual murder on the show, long arcing stories … just need some recurring villains or a big baddie to show up
There was a mention of Ra’s … that was dope

The Tomorrow People

Next Day Tivo
I like this show, it’s an interesting concept
They are a different “Race” basically mutants with powers and the main guy has powers he doesn’t even know about
… I’d like some kind of explanation of why they have these powers
… and how the main girl couldn’t talk but all of a sudden could.
Good effects on the powers, teleportation, and telepathy, time manipulation … good 2 hour block with Arrow
… and Astrid is almost worth keeping it on my Tivo alone




Appointment TV
Not much needs to be said about Scandal … Twitter alone makes the show worth watching
Well written, great twists, character development
Even the soundtrack of the show is dope
… Just need to kill Jake, Edison, and Quinn. (and Probably Abby)
Love everyone else …and I maintain the actress who plays Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) would be a GREAT Hippolyta and Nadia Bjorlin would be a great Wonder Woman

BY"Bryan Dattilo's Tapas and Tequila Birthday Bash"

The Michael J Fox Show

Weekend Catch Up
The Show is okay, I dont know if it’s that funny outside of Michael or Wendell Pierce.
Breaking Bad as preconditioned me to loath Betsy Brandt, I fear she will be always be dreadful to me regardless of what she does
The kids … eh. The Aunt, not bad … it’s almost background filler but I’m not giving up on it.


Weekend Catch Up
I almost gave up on this show DESPITE my forever long crush on Lucy Liu (Since Ally McBeal) … the show just wasn’t engaging … didn’t care about the cases or the solutions
Something changed this season, it’s interesting; and Watson is doing more so that helps
I had an issue with him being called Sherlock Holmes, She being Watson in modern times but we are supposed to go on with Sherlock and Watson never existed … I dunno
I’m in now, I like it.


Master Chef

Background Filler
I was NOT going to watch this because it’s the version with little kids, and little kids are stupid.
I knew they were going to try to be cute or funny and it wasn’t going to work; and you know what?
I was right.
BUT part of the reason I like these wack ass cooking shows in the first place is the creativity and watching people make stuff under pressure and the dumb kids deliver … if they would just not talk it would be perfect.
… And they should let Gordon curse at them.

Shark Tank

Background Filler
This is one of the few shows where the Judges or in this case Sharks aren’t annoying (Sometimes Mark Cuban is a douche)
I like when people come in with legit ideas and business and get deals … even the ones who don’t; it’s a good watch
My only gripes are Gloria’s face and the fake ass staged updates when they go back and show how the people are doing now
Oh! Glad you just happened to get a call for 1 million orders and a guest spot on the Today show the day we show up and have cameras on you … ugh.

Sarah Hummert Photography


Once Upon A Time

Next Day Tivo
Not quite sure why I still watch this, they have clearly run out of ideas … they are in Neverland now for no reason. The whole purpose and story of the show was wrapped up last season

Well I know I’m still watching because The Evil Queen is the sexy … I’m a big fan
I cannot stand Henry … the kid is the worst part of the show hands down
I also maintain that Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) would be a great Wasp in the Marvel universe.



Next Day Tivo
Another show that I still watch despite not quite understanding what they are doing, the premise of this show was also wrapped up last season.
I like the lies and the sneakiness of the show … but the whole thing about no one recognizing that this chick is not who she says she is … hard to understand
And they always find Nolan some gay piece to swap spit with… need more eye candy, especially since sexy face Ashley is gone


Weekend Catch Up
New Show, it’s pretty good. pretty damn steamy too
You got the main woman having a wet dream ‘batin … I like that!
The story with the murder and the lawyer and stuff, kinda hard to follow … but it’s good enough to keep me lookin
The only real issue is the two main guys look the same, I forget who’s being cheated on

Boardwalk Empire

Appointment Television
I have to watch it when it comes on, even if Twitter doesn’t spoil it, I just have to see what’s happening
All the characters work … though the women mostly suck. (EXCEPT Daughter Maitland)
Al Capone … great
I’m going to miss the little German though
I don’t understand What Nelson is doing … or how Richard’s story is going to be wrapped back in BUT Nucky and Chalky make the show must watch
I cannot stand this Dr. Narcisse … get him outta here; and can we not with Eli’s kid ever again?



Next Day Tivo
They ruin things because this comes on at the same time as Boardwalk Empire … I watch it after Empire goes off
The first season of Homeland was incredible … everything worked; Crazy eyed Carrie, Brody … his fine ass wife (Who hasn’t been nude anymore ugh)
I only hated the kids … still do; the son is just useless all together
Saul is sneaky but not as sneaky and shady as that dog faced lady who left him and came back, something is up with her … don’t trust her
Good twist this season so far
BUT I have NO CLUE where this show is going anymore … the greatest story arc was done in the first season; need something BIG if this show is going to stick around

Masters of Sex

Weekend Catch Up
I don’t really like this show … I mean its okay, but I don’t get it. I don’t even understand why this is a show … it’s good for sex talk and some milky boobs but that’s almost it
Yet, its kinda interesting LOL it’s definitely weekend catch up.

Hello Ladies

Weekend Catch Up
I started watching this show and I’m not sure why, never heard of it, don’t even know what it’s about … but it just seems like something to watch; its kinda funny and Christine Woods is pretty hot.


East Bound and Down

Weekend Catch Up
You think don’t bring the show back, let it be funny and remembered as great … thinking it’s going to jump the shark and no longer be funny
It hasn’t lost a single step
Kenny FN Powers is hilarious as ever … April isn’t as hot (and I’m also disappointed to find out that was a boob double in the first season) but Kenny and Stevie … classic
This Sports Sesh was brilliant … love when Kenny is on top

The League

Weekend Catch Up
The League has been pretty good this season … even with the weird episode with Rafi and Dirty Randy
This show also might beat Arrow in the Fine ass women in one cast competition




Not a fail in there … brand new respect for Jenny this season, her legs are amazing
Anyway, from the draft with all Kickers and Defense, to Taco’s truck that didn’t sell Tacos … good times.


Anyway, without including:
Project Runway, Young and The Restless, and whatever else show that I watch that I probably shouldnt admit in text; that’s what Im doing … if you have some thoughts on the shows, comment below or @eclectik of course.

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  • http://twitter.com/chapmanrunner Mr. Prickle Pants (@chapmanrunner)

    Your comments about The Goldbergs and Brooklyn Nine Nine were spot on.
    And the League ladies… yes.

    • eclectik

      You visited and read the post, I appreciate it.
      Didnt figure on Brooklyn99 being the standout of the season.

      … sorry for being spot off on everything else Chapman.

  • @JuggernautLB

    How do you have the time. And, TIVO space? Mines suxs.

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