What’s eclectik watching: 2012 Fall TV Schedule

August 29, 2012

Fall time, New clothes, Great Weather, Football, and New TV Shows/ New Fall TV Season!!
The tradition continues … what shows am I looking forward to/ will be watching this fall, lets get to it!


8:00 90210 (CW)
8:00 The Voice (NBC)
9:00 Gossip Girl (CW)
9:00 The Carrie Diaries (CW)*
9:00 MNF (ESPN)

Don’t judge me on my Monday CW shows; I can watch what I want! lol Look I have Monday Night Football there! I’m all Manly and whatnot … right?
Not sure why I’m watching The Voice, probably for the beginning and the picking the people because the actual winner never amounts to anything
I’ll watch as long as there is someone sexy on there; as soon as they leave … I leave.


8:00 The Voice (NBC)
8:30 Ben and Kate (FOX)
9:00 NCIS: LA (CBS)

Tuesdays continue its reign as the worst day of the week … for anything. NOTHING happens on Tuesday, Tuesday has nothing going for it, EVERY other day has something:
Monday – First day of the work week … people hate it, Football
Wednesday – Hump Day, Half way done!
Thursday – One more day till Friday!
Friday – It’s the weekend!!
Saturday – Lets party! College Football
Sunday – Good TV, Gotta go to work tomorrow, Football
… Tuesday just blows

Anyway, the promos roped me in to Ben and Kate; network TV doesn’t do comedies correctly anymore so I’ll give this one a shot.


8:00 Survivor (CBS)
8:00 Arrow (CW)
8:00 The X Factor (FOX)
8:30 The Neighbors (ABC) – maybe
9:00 Modern Family (ABC)
10:00 South Park (CC)
10:30 Key & Peele (CC)

A lot of shows going down on Wednesday, Survivor is always something to watch, there are women in bikinis running around and THIS year TV’s Blair will be in the cast
Arrow I’ll give a shot, hey I watched every episode of Smallville, the least I can do is watch this
Again with X-Factor, the winner means nothing, I’ll tune in if there’s someone hot on there, they leave I leave
The Neighbors is a new show I may check out … it’s a family who lives next door to aliens … modern day coneheads?
Have to watch Modern Family for Gloria … Manny is no longer funny tho
South Park is still funny so I check for it, Key and Peele is a good show for background while ironing or folding laundry.


8:00 The X Factor (FOX)
8:00 30 Rock (NBC)
9:00 TNA Impact
9:00 Person of Interest (CBS)
9:30 Parks and Recreation (NBC)
10:00 Scandal (ABC)
10:00 Elementary (CBS)

30 Rock is done this year so I might as well watch the send off
Yes I still watch wrestling, kiss it! I’m retiring from WWE until I hear its better
Person of interest is a good show most people are not watching (Surprised it’s coming back) … they better add some new twists
Parks and Rec stays funny … Aziz is the star of the show, need more of him
Scandal the breakout show of network TV IMO … love this show
Lucy Liu is BACK on my TV (I have a crush) anything she’s in I’m watching … and this is actually interesting; fans of that Sherlock show might be mad but I’m in for this Elementary


8:00 Shark Tank (ABC)
8:00 Americas Next Top Model (CW)
9:00 Nikita (CW)
9:00 Fringe (CW)

See, while most people are out with a life and stuff I’m watching TV on Friday’s (Or Tivo-ing it) Shark Tank is dope, people are really inventive, you have some real hustlers on there … and wackjobs, I like seeing people get taken, dreams crushed, or come up lol
Top Model … listen stop judging me The eclectik rule is in effect; watch the hot ones, when they go I go
Nikita is one of my favorite shows, I’m really surprised it hasn’t been canceled, glad though … if you haven’t been watching catch up on Netflix
Fringe is a show I’ve seen every ep of and have no idea what’s going on … I think this is it this year and it should be, they tried and failed … but I’m still kinda entertained. kinda.


College Football



8:00 Once Upon a Time (ABC)
8:00 The Amazing Race (CBS)
8:00 Sunday Night Football (NBC)
9:00 Revenge (ABC)
9:00 Family Guy (FOX)
9:00 Boardwalk Empire (HBO)
10:00 Homeland (SHO)
10:00 666 Park Avenue (ABC)

The Best day of Television … shame most has to work the next day.
You get Football ALL day PLUS
Once Upon a Time, which surprisingly is a good show, now I have no clue what they are going to do now since the secret is out and the curse is over … Ima watch
Revenge was really good, I dunno who’s revenging who now after that season finale, but we’ll see
Family guy, is always funny
This 666 Park Avenue looks to be something interesting, I dunno how long it will go or if it will be good, but it has Locke so I’m checking for it
Boardwalk Empire, I cannot WAIT for this show to come on, especially after what happened last season, great show
Homeland will be great I really don’t like the lead (character) I want him dead lol The best thing is I get to see fine ass Morena Baccarin.

So that’s the list, of course not counting Young and The Restless, Young Justice, The Avengers cartoon, or Top Chef, or Project Runway.

I may consider trying New Girl again, maybe the new show Revolution for an episode, maybe that Dane Cook TV show … we’ll see

Anyway, that’s the list … go ahead and judge lol

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  • http://www.thekliqnation.com Timdogg

    Glad Tuesday nights are an empty slate. I won’t be missing anything while recording our podcasts!

    I need to get back to watching 90210

    I need to look up what Key & Peele is about. I’ll be checking out Arrow. Looks like my kinda show, compared to Smallville.

    Scandal I’ll be watching, and BOOOOOOO to Ohio State!

  • http://www.facebook.com/corey.chapman Corey Chapman

    My bet is Homeland’s second season will be better than the first. Let me know how Locke’s new show is, maybe I will watch if you say its good. Dane Cooks show? really?

  • http://jpfairfield.wordpress.com JP Fairfield

    90210 & Gossip Girl… you have a stronger will than me cause I’m tired of rich white people problems… I can’t do it anymore cause they are starting to blurb into one massive show that never ends.

    I am all about the Voice… I really love that show for all the wrong reasons… Cee-Lo many colorful outfits & flirting… X-Tina & Adam Lambert arguing & 1 step away from making out on stage…

    I’m scared to watch Arrow cause they already tricked me with Smallville but John Barrownman may be on the show… damn u CW!

    I saw a sneak peek of the 1st episode of Elementary (it got taken down yesterday) It’s gonna be a solid show & it’s a totally different vibe than BBC’s Sherlock. Scandal is a given for me.

    Fringe… YAY! Nikita… um I guess but I hope this season is better than last… it was kinda dragging to me.

    Awww… no Supernatural… I watch it enough for 3 people so… yea…

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