What’s eclectik watching: Summer TV Schedule

June 19, 2012

Per tradition … what’s eclectik watching?
This time: The Summer Edition

This is what will be on my TiVo this Summer NOT counting any season finales (or my Soaps) Of course for the reality shows my “Show Girlfriend” rule is in effect … anyway, here’s the schedule:


8:00 Hell’s Kitchen (FOX)
Show girlfriend (None)
Always have to watch this show for Chef Gordon, this year he might have the worst collection of chefs ever (worse than last year) … like no one should win
There are tons of people that I don’t like, eps the chick that weighs a ton that tries to act gangsta

9:00 Master Chef (FOX)
Show girlfriend – Samantha De Silva
This show is light-years better than Hell’s kitchen, it’s actually a cooking competition (and more attractive women) … this show is basically Chopped with realistic ingredients
This Samantha is beautiful!

9:00 Food Network Star (FOOD)
Show girlfriend – Martita Jara
Another food competition, and for the pickiest eater on the planet it makes no sense why I watch so many (I’d eat NOTHING they make) but I like the drama and creativity
Martita is stacked

9:00 Chicagolicious (STY)
I knew nothing about this show but the girl was cute so I figured I’d give it a shot … I dunno if Ima stick with it but the drama is ripe! lol

10:00 The Glass House (ABC)
Show girlfriend – Ashley Forrestier
This Big Brother rip off … as a Big Big Brother fan I figured I’d give it a shot … it’s really not so good so far BUT the cast looks better than Big Brother and not like hired actors and models
And I’m around as long as Holly, this other girl and most importantly Ashley are around

Single Ladies … only tried to watch for Denise Vasi because she is … Denise Vasi … But I couldn’t do it


9:00 Design Star (HGTV)
Show girlfriend – Danielle Colding
I’m a sucker for interior design, esp competitions … again something about creativity dig … authentic style, so I watch this religiously … Danielle has nice eyes

9:00 White Collar (USA)
Great show, Neil Caffery might be the coolest character on TV

9:00 Big Brother (CBS)
Summer staple … still the champ, hopefully a few show girlfriends when it starts next month

10:00 Franklin and Bash (USA)
USA has overall the best shows on TV … Franklin and Bash would be dope in the 80s, 90s, or 2000s


9:00 Dallas (TNT)
I had no idea this show was coming, and I watched the premiere because why not and WoW this show is a beast, JR still has it and may give Victor Newman a run for his money as the illest dude ever

9:00 Royal Pains (USA)
I’m kinda losing it for this show, but I still watch … mainly to look at Divya’s eyes and thighs … and the actress that plays her mother YUP! I don’t care about the brothers Drama, need Boris back

10:00 Necessary Roughness (USA)
I really don’t care about this show, it makes no sense to me, but it’s interesting enough to watch on Sunday while I sort laundry

10:00 TV Exes (TVL)
I will peek in just to look at Nicole Murphy for she is a very very impressive woman


8:00 Love in the wild (NBC)

Only because I miss the GREATS that were Paradise Hotel and Temptation Island I look at this … again the women are kinda hot and its background noise while I edit the #EDP

9:00 The Choice (FOX)

The Voice but with dating, I like it … the women are really ditzy and extra and the “celebrities” wouldn’t be called Celebs by Dancing with The Stars … but again good for background

9:00 Anger Management (FX)
I gotta give Charlie Sheen a shot, I’m sure there will be some laughs and some women

10:00 Louie (FX)
I’m going to give Louie another shot, every time I watch I get bored … we’ll see this season

10:00 The Real L Word (SHO)
Really they should bring The L word back because THAT was a show! Mmmm Papi … but I watch this because … it’s Lesbians! Who doesn’t want to watch Lesbians? #SafetyScissoring

10:00 Rookie blue (ABC)
A Great show to watch on a lazy boring day … not much to it

10:00 Suits (USA)
One of my favorite and one of the best shows on TV … I love it, now that the secret is out I wonder what’s going to happen next, and Laurence Fishburns wife has some thangs back there (plus those lips) … girl with the freckles is cute too


10:00 Boss (STZ)
I JUST got put on to this show, I’m caught up on all the episodes now … ol Frasier is GULLY on this show … something tells me he’s like that in real life lol


9:00 Falling Skies (TNT)
Odd show, surprised its back for another season, the aliens are NOT playing around this season either … I like it though, and this Moon woman will be on #appreciation soon

10:00 The News Room (HBO)
New show, looks like it could be good, HBO always has the best shows

10:00 Weeds (SHO)
Kinda been down since like season 3 then back up last year, I’m still interested tho

10:00 Breaking Bad (AMC)
I’m all caught up … 16 episodes left in this series, but after the season finale last season I have NO idea what’s left to do

… yeah Ashley on Glass House

Watching any of these with me?

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  • ArykaNotErika

    Gotta say, other than the totally obvious Real L Word thing – which I don’t even really like because one reminds me of an ex and they are all kind of annoying, but like you said, lesbians – I don’t watch ANY of these shows. Mostly for a reason that you may be able to help me with. I hear great things about the USA shows but havent really ever watched any of them and as of last check, I couldn’t get them on demand. Would someone who has never watched say, Suits, be able to pick up and know what was going on ? If so, we may have some winners.

    Oh wait, totally lied. Breaking Bad and Weeds are also high on my to do list. I swear, Sunday nights are about to wear me out.

    • eclectik

      The regular L world was incredible! This real one is okay at best
      USA shows are GREAT
      Royal Pains you can just start watching
      White Collar it would be better if you saw previous ones but it doesnt matter
      Franklin and Bash you can hop right in
      Suits again, you missed some good shows but you can hop in this season

  • http://www.literarymarie.com Literary Marie

    Big Brother is an automatic, along with BBAD every late night/morning.

    I didn’t watch the old Dallas and not interested in the new Dallas either.

    I am tuning in to Hollywood Exes and may watch the premiere sometime today. These ladies don’t seem as fuckerous as the other Housewives.

    I love Necessary Roughness! TK is the main attraction and a look into how athletes struggle emotionally during a sport season.

    No go to Glass House. I tried and just cannot.

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