What’s eclectik watching: 2013 Fall TV Schedule

May 20, 2013


Every year, fall season (And recently Winter) I do a post about the shows I’m watching … because I watch (Tivo) a TON of TV … and it’s my site so …
Anyway, this is no different, after reviewing the upfronts and the upcoming shows, I’ve compiled a list of what will be on my TV and Tivo in the upcoming months
(Not including Y&R, Football, and Wrestling) … blah blah blah, lets get to it!


8:00 Almost Human (FOX)*
JJ Abrams again, Cop who’s been in a coma for 2 years gets an Android partner … lets see.

8:30 We Are Men (CBS)*
Tony Shalhoub back on TV is good enough for me, it has Jerry O’Connell in it so it probably wont last long.

10:00 Hostages (CBS)*
Rouge FBI agent wants to kill the president … seems like something.

10:00 Intelligence (Midseason) (CBS)*
Sawyer from Lost has a computer in his brain and has a keeper/handler who’s trying to keep him safe while they solve stuff

10:00 The Blacklist (NBC)*
New show with James Sapder … I’m a James Spader fan FBI Most wanted guy who turns himself in to assist in solving crimes; I’m in.


8:00 Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D*(ABC)
I dont need to say anything about this.

8:30 Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX)*
Andy Samberg … gotta be kinda funny no? Wonder why he didnt get a NBC show though, I’ll give it a shot.

9:00 NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)
Not sure why I still watch this, it’s kinda intresting; I’m a LL fan … oh and Daniela Ruah

9:00 The Goldbergs* (ABC)
Looks like Wonder Years but the 80’s and since that is my favorite decade, I’ll give it a shot

10:00 Person of Intrest (CBS)
Still a pretty good show, wonder how the next season will go with the twist from the finale.


8:00 Survivor(CBS)
My reality show rule applies, watch till my show girlfriend is voted off.
8:00 Arrow (CW)
Great show, still sour about no super powers, but maybe The Amazon show will happen now.

8:00 Revolution (NBC)
I dont know what they will do for a second season, and surprisingly it didnt get cancelled so I’m still in

9:00 Modern Family(ABC)
Not as funny as it use to be, Lily makes the show now.

9:00 The Tomorrow People (CW)*
Super powers, a kid that can teleport and finds out he’s part of the “Tomorrow People” some evolved humans and they’re being hunted.


8:00 Parks and Recreation (NBC)
Gotta watch

9:30 The Michael J Fox Show (NBC)*
MJF back on NBC … after the hilarious stint on the Larry David show, I’m ready for some more Fox

10:00 Elementary(CBS)
My lust for Lucy Liu is the only thing keeping this on my Tivo, it’s drab, hopefully it’ll pick up

10:00 Scandal(ABC)
You already know.


9:00 Shark Tank(ABC)
I love this show, cant stand the female sharks though, either one.


8:00 Once Upon a Time(ABC)
I will watch this, I will NOT watch the Alice in wonderland spinoff … that looks wack; besides I go where the Evil Queen goes.

9:00 Revenge (ABC)
Everyone has had revenge, where is this show going now? Dunno, will watch.

9:00 Family Guy (FOX)
Funniest animated show on TV, then Archer.

9:00 Homeland (SHO)
Gotta watch crazy eyes Carrie, Will there be no Broady this season?

10:00 Falling Skies (TNT)
Another show surprisingly not canceled, it’s pretty good too, cant wait.

The others


Resurrection (Midseason)
People coming back from the dead decades later, at the same age they died

Mixology (Midseason)
This show takes place at a bar, in one night … the WHOLE season … 1 bar, 1 night. ummm … maybe?


Gang Related (Midseason)
Locke from Lost and The RZA taking on organized crime!?! C’Mon I have to watch this!

Summer Viewing

These shows will be on soon and probably done before my fall schedule kicks in … gotta watch some shows to past the time no?

Master Chef – Best cooking reality show on TV


  • Big Brother – Summer Classic.
  • Magic City – I thought this got canceled, I’m in though, sexy women, interesting plot
  • King & Maxwell – Rebecca Romijn


  • Eastbound and Down – Kenny Powers back
  • Franklin and Bash – This show stays on hiatus, but when it’s on it’s good
  • The Newsroom – Love the show, cant wait to see what headlines they use for the new season
  • Royal Pains – Losing steam, hopefully something will happen soon
  • Suits – One of the best shows on TV you’re not watching, and besides Meghan Markle


  • White Collar – Another standout on USA, love this show … wonder how much longer they can go though.
  • Breaking Bad – THE SHOW OF SHOWS … I want to say the greatest Drama ever on TV, gotta be top 3, sad to see it go.

South Park – I still laugh, judge me.

The League – Very funny show, get familiar

And I’ll watch the rest of Do no harm and Park Avenue 666 even though they’re canceled.

Anything look good? Watching with me?

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  • http://twitter.com/SockOfFleagulls Jason Gross (@SockOfFleagulls)

    You watch a lot of TV, sir. Can’t all be good. You should get some podcast time in there… other than your show. 🙂

  • Howie Decker

    I like this, lots of shows on here that I didn’t know about yet. I’ll definitely be checking out the Sawyer one, the android cop and the Samberg shows. Resurrection looks like almost the same premise as Fox’s Alcatraz, except the people coming back are not prisoners. SHIELD show will be my most anticipated by far.

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  • kojackdelta

    Archer is better then family guy and Suits is great. Especially since Harvey………..i wont spoil anything.

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