iThink: Scissor Kicks and Graham Crackers

March 19, 2012

“And so the conversation turned …Until the sun went down
And many fantasies were learned, on that day …”

Hey it’s Monday … Hey it’s Randomness … hi

March is filled with Madness … I kinda care, kinda don’t … seems as though when there’s not a lot of money on sports I don’t care about it just …

With all that being said … GO OHIO (Ohio, Ohio State, Cincy) …. yup!

Winter was just skipped I see … weather is breaking bad, I need someone to grill immediately

I’m back on my Smoothie King kick … if you know me you know that I adore the smoothie … Smoothie King; Passion Passport, now buy me one

Haven’t played Spades or Dominoes in AGES … I miss those days

#appreciation Lucy Liu … yes.

New iPad? Yeah Ima get it eventually … I’m getting the Air first though (I think)

There are a few movies that came out that I did not see that I wanted to see:

Project X
Safe House
A Thousand Words

Eh. I’ll cop them on iTunes

I think I wanna see hunger Games … really I’m just waiting for the Comic Book movies THOSE I’m going to see Opening Saturday Morning

The Grade School Podcast got more praise than the others but not as many downloads or comments … I don’t know how to gauge anything lol

I just thought of an idea for a top 5 for the show yay

I love the villain, just so much cooler

Chick-Fil-A is delicious and I’m starting a grass root campaign to have them start selling mini waffles for breakfast … mini waffles with the chicken minis son!?!

Prolly will be working some weekends soon … meh It’s a living

I will be doing a lot of the podcast shows by myself … I’ve had ideas for shows with guests but people can be unreliable … I need to get things done and I’m not chasing anyone down

Brandy and Kelly Rowland keep making music like someone is listening

Shirt Tales needs to be back on TV … the original; no remakes

My Shoe Addiction … Prada, Gucci, Nike, Jordan

I don’t mind big breasts at all, but I like A and B cups on a woman

This GI Joe movie makes me nervous … but it will never be worse than those Transformers movies I’m never watching

Here dandelion … make a wish

Matt Flynn … wrong team

… aka LL Cool Cleck

I’ve been busy … doing something close to nothing

Are K Marts still in existence?

Why does Willow Smith look like that though?

I’m pretty sure I haven’t had McDonalds this year

Carmen Ejogo

Looks like it’s a no on American Idol … no one I want to do sex with

Somebody buy me a Cobra Trouble Bubble

Why would they complain to the Telephone man about the line … just go over there?

House of Lies >>>

Licensed to ill is one of the best produced albums in Hip Hop History

There’s a tie … Alex Keaton and Parker Lewis … who will win? Vote now! (On the right)

I’ve never had Starbucks

Rum on the other hand…

Why does Succotash have to suffer? What did it do to you Sylvester?

So now some of the things I want to type I figure I should save for the show … there’s no way I can keep up the current pace though, maybe I should go bi-weekly lol

Graham Crackers

Scissor kicks


Sad that the best Pizza I can find in the DMV area is UNOs

Nas is making hip hop in 2012 … very impressive

“Passion burning … Love so strong”

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  • coako

    love the dandelion inclusion and shoutout to b cups (lol)

  • Sadam

    I like the podcasts with you and 12kyle. Your intros are the best
    Team DoubleD

  • Blu

    Parker Lewis…because he can’t lose.

  • Tonya

    This is your effect on my life: every time I hear/read “Shoutout to…” I hear fake background applause in my head.

    • eclectik

      LMAO!!!!! That is hilarious
      Hey at least I have an affect on someone (HUGS)

  • soheavenleigh

    *singing* Keep feeling fascination…passion burning, love so strong…

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