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April 10, 2012

In the long list of my “quirks” and things that skeeve me out, lets look at what goes on at work shall we? Mainly …

Other people’s mouse and keyboards

What’s worse than having to use someone else’s computer?

Not only are their settings and desktop etc set up dumb and stupid (because other people are dumb and stupid)

But do you ever look at their stuff?

All kind of crumbs and dust in the creases of the mouse…buttons all sticky…wheel dont roll/scroll like it should.

And the KEYBOARD! All types of food in between the keys…whole-ass meal in them shits


And often I have to help these maggots with things on their workstations … what Ima start doing is setting up Bluetooth Hubs everywhere and carry my own keyboard and just sync-up when they need help
… USB them shits

I see these Ass munchers:

Not washing their hands
Sneezing into their filthy fat hands
… and just looking petri dishafied

… so NO I dont want to shake your hand …


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  • rachel

    Lmao! Oh you should see my desk. When I clean my keyboard, not only do I have crumbs n shit, I have eyelashes, fingernails, hairs, chips of nail polish… on second thought, don’t come near my desk… 🙂

  • http://tdlove.wordpress.com Tonya

    LOL.. your flair for exaggeration has me double checking my AIR ..

    One thing I have a hard time with is their screen. It’s hard not to get finger prints on it and the keys leave an imprint. Any suggestions? I already leave a thin cloth in between the keyboard and screen when closing it..but still the key board imprints persist!!

  • http://smoovesalsero.blogspot.com Myron

    DUDE. You know how people w/ pets have pet dander? Well, I used to have PEOPLE dander. This dude that worked the night shift at my job always ended up sitting at MY desk. Dude used to leave long forearm hairs and such all on my desk and keyboard. I’d have to wipe my desk down w/ Clorox wipes every other day. Oh, and dude doesn’t WASH, either. He’d leave this nasty, musty man-funk in my seat, forcing me to switch it out every day.

    • eclectik


      That is AWFUL!!!!!
      AND Funk?! wooow


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