EDP03 – Spotlight: illmatic w/ @Lyric2Go

March 7, 2012

EDP03 – Spotlight: illmatic

This episode of the eclectik discussion podcast spotlights the 1994 debut album from Nas “illmatic” arguably the greatest Hip Hop Album of the 90s (Not really cuz if I said it it’s true lol)I’ll be joined by Crecks (@Lyric2Go) and we will be discussing the album from beginning to end, as well as other Nas releases and The Firm

Of Course The show begins and ends with my randomness plus in the middle Crecks also answers “The Fifth” 5 Random questions covering, The Firm to Lady Beatboxing

Using the eclectik “Enhanced” podcast you can enjoy the show in chapters:
(But no skippin!!!!)

Chapter One: Latch Key Kid Gourmet – Me and the first meal I learned to make, after school cooking at it’s finest!

Chapter Two: The official eclectik Theme

Chapter Three: My illmatic Memories – The first time I heard the Album, thoughts and reflections

Chapter Four: Commercial Break – This a lost freestyle session with Nas and AZ during the “Life’s a Bitch” recording

Chapter Five: Special Guest Crecks (@Lyric2Go) – We will discuss illmatic and reflect on the album and era.

Chapter Six: Commercial Break

Chapter Seven: Crecks vs. The Fifth – My guest answers the EDP 5 Random questions

Chapter Eight: Commercial Break

Chapter Nine: The Outro and My Top 5 – Today’s Top 5 is my Top 5 Old School Board Games of all time

Why the show is random: Things mentioned in this podcast:

Oven Racks, Chutes and Ladders, Kool-Aid, Scooby Doo, Paperboy and Ditty, Mamba Fruits, Huffy Bike Chains, CasSingles, and literacy

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  • Caramel-Sundae2.o

    Love this! I was a Latch Key Gourmet as well!!! You can’t fade my ramen noodles and chicken casserole!

  • http://coldslitherpodcast.com Classick Material

    This show is an outright Classick!

  • http://coldslitherpodcast.com Classick Material

    Word, I had thought Nas was done for sampling “Human Nature” for his debut. Remember thinking “how’d he clear that?” but it was dope.

  • http://kayoticmayhem.com MzKayotic

    As always dope show! I especially like how you “candied” the beans and franks from the latch key gourmet. Still gonna need you to clean your bowl. Stop waitin on moms to do it. LOL!

    I agree that Paid in Full is the best hip hop album of all time! No one can beat Rakim as a lyricist. That won’t ever change in my book. Nas did come hard with Illmatic. I was late to that game but once I heard it… I played my tape so much the bitch broke and I mean the wheels were turning but the actual brown tape split and I couldn’t do nothin but buy a new one. Not true but that’s how much I played it!

    Like the Fifth! Definitely like the top 5 list. Sorry is always a winner. Got a question… How exactly do you win Monopoly because like you said I was one of the folks who basically quit after we wrote IOUs and checks?

  • http://shareefjackson.com Shareef

    So, Illmatic …

    So we took a class trip to Harlem. My teacher, the only young Black teacher at our school, decides to show us the ways of negotiating with one of the bootleggers on 125th st. My friend and I end up getting bottlegg Illmatic and 36 Chambers. We rocked 36 Chambers so much that Illmatic got pushed to the side of a little while. I knew Illmatic was better even at the time, but Wu just hit you with so much more personality, energy, and humor that it was more attractive to a teanager like myself.

    Crecks must be in by mind, cause i agree with One Time For Ya Mind as least favorite and Represent as personal favorite. Represent has a couple of things I love about songs from the era: choruses that are just a group of dudes shouting shit, a stripped down beat with a standard sample for head nodding, and a relatively fast tempo. You mentioned that you like One time cause it’s more of a cipher beat, which is true and I definitely used to freestyle to it, but I’m more partial to beats that are little too fast to freestyle to, but perfect for a written song. That’s what represent is to be.

    Y’all didn’t seem to show as much love to the world Is Yours. That’s the one song on the album that is commercial viable, which is amazing coming from a essentially a street album with little promotion. It’s the kind of song I can play for my mom and she can appreciate it. I think it laid the mark for later songs like If I Ruled the World, One Mic, and I Can. It’s Nas showing that he can make songs that non-hip hop heads can relate to.

    And that is why I agree that AZ’s catalog is stronger than Nas’s. AZ has mastered the ability to stay lyrical over smoother beats that anybody can enjoy. Specifically, his comeback album Aziatic in 2002 is better than every Nas album that doesn’t end in “matic”. It’s the kind of album that i think Nas WANTS to do, for every hit like I Can there are incredible misses like You Owe Me, Big Girls, Getting Married, etc. Aside from Illmatic and Stillmatic, his albums have not been representative of the amazing artist that he is. Now if you piece together the hottest songs into a compilation then I’d put that up against anyone (essentially why Lost Tapes is so classic), but unfortunately I judge people by albums.

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