EDP22 – That aint no damn puppy! (Martin) w/ @SlimJay_

August 20, 2012

Today on the eclectik discussion podcast we discuss and spotlight the 90s Sitcom Martin!

This week’s guest … RETURNING Guest Jay! (@SlimJay_)

Together we cover:

Favorite characters
Least favorite characters
Memorable episodes
When did it go bad?
Best guest stars?
Favorite season?
Best character played by Martin

Gina or Pam
Hustle Man or Bruh Man?
Buckwhite or Shawn?
Otis or Jerome?
Mrs Bozack or Mrs Trinidad?
Elroy or Dragonfly Jones?
WZUP or Word on the Street?

We discuss damn near every episode and scene … from Bruh Man to Hustle Man …even Skank Robbers

The Fifth is also represented with an appearance by Drake’s eyebrows, Jay-Z’s nose, Footie Socks and Burger King Crowns!



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Why the show is random – Here are some of the things mentioned on today’s show

Martin, Gina, Pam, Tommy, Cole, Big Shirley, Jerome, Roscoe, Sheneneh, Turpentine, Used Condoms, Martin, Threaded eyebrows, Just For me, Hawaiian Silky, Players Ball, Pam Grier, Keith Washington, Idris Elba, The Running Man, Butter Pecan Ice Cream, Social Studies books, School Fights, $15,000, Burger King Crowns, Footie Socks, Tisha Campbell, Martin Lawrence, Belly, Shottas, Elyro Preston, Buckwhite, Shawn, Stan, Lil Dog, Gary Coleman, Boy shorts, Bra, Sexy Voice, Podcasts, #EDP, @SlimJay_, @eclectik, Despair, Twitter, Full Force, Kenya Moore, Beverly Johnson, FOX, Uptown Comedy Club, Tracy Morgan, Bruh Man, Hustle Man, Jim Breuer, Comedy

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  • http://globetracer.wordpress.com @TracitaLinda

    I really did forget how many guest stars they had on the show: Biggie, Keith Washington and BeBe and CeCe Winans. My favorite episode is ‘Forever Sheneneh’ when Sheneneh won the date with Kid, I can watch that over and over and still laugh at the same parts.

    I truly do miss shows that are signs of the time and relevant to issues of the Black community. I think somewhere in the middle of the 1st season, or the 2nd season when Martin was feeling like he wasn’t the ‘man’ in the relationship and he went to ‘find himself’ it really brought up a serious side of him along with a more serious issues. It was comedy, but it was also thought-provoking. I miss Martin. Still have to get through the rest of my DVDs.

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