Top 50 Sexy Females of Wrestling (Divas/Valets/Managers) Pt. 1

January 29, 2013


This was not n easy list to compile, I did a mish-mash of rankings, I took into account:
And how well they held up
… mixed all of that together and came up with what I came up with lol … it’s good that I don’t necessarily agree with my results either, it should lead to some good debate.

Some women were sexy but had no shape at all, some women were losers, you DID get points for being just eye candy … we’d rather that than you try to wrestle and just suck at it.

I only used the major promotions: WWF, WCW, WWE, ECW, and TNA

Some of the women I had to go into my younger self to appreciate what they WERE when comparing them to the genetically, gamma-rayed sex mutants of the last 10 years … so there was some curving on the scale kinda

There ARE some snubs … yell at me in the comments or the Messsageboard

blah blah blah … The List

Special Consideration:

Pamela Paulshock

Pamela Paulshock2Pamela Paulshock

Former WCW Backstage interviewer and WCW Bikini Contest winner, many may not remember her “Contributions” but I do

50. Ryan Shamrock

2010 Benchwarmer Halloween Party - ArrivalsRyan Shamrock

Former member of PMS, The receiver of Val Venis’ desire and Billy Gunn’s … ass, also famous for being sacrificed by Taker and left in the Boiler room

49. Major Gunns

Major Gunns1Major Gunns

Member of both Misfits in action, Team Canada … Major Guns never won the belt but she had big things going for her

48 Francine


The Queen of Extreme she was ECW for a long time … great feuds and she perfected the HoochieCarana people!

47. Traci Brooks

Traci Brooks1Traci Brooks

Former member of the stable “Bitchslap” Traci basically helped start the Knockouts in TNA … yet never won the title

46. Velvet Sky / Talia Doll

Velvet Sky2Velvet Sky1

Two Time TNA Knockout Champ, TNA Knockout Tag Team Champ and most famously 1/2 of The Beautiful People

45. Angelina Love

Angelina Love1Angelina Love

Five Time TNA Knockout Champion, TNA Knockout Champion, the leader of The Beautiful people and some of the best abs in the biz

44. Woman


The Manager of Doom, Macho Man, Brian Pillman, Kerry Vo Erich, Valet of the Four Horsemen, Managed Taz in ECW, She was around all the greats in the biz, had some mean arms too.

43. Cameron


First bounced from Tough Enough but she’s good enough to rock alongside Naomi with as a Funkadactyl

42. Amy Weber

Amy Weber1Amy Weber

Former JBL image consultant and member of the stable The Cabinet … wasn’t around long but while she was she looked great

41. Melina


The Manager of Mercury and Nitro! Melina won the Divas Championship twice and the Women’s Title 3 Times … and had the best ring entrance ever


40. Beth Phoenix / Firebird


Three times Women’s Champ, Divas Champ, Slammy Winner, former Diva of Doom I always had a thing for Beth, I think she’s hot

39. Kaitlyn


NXT contestant, WWE Divas champ, and probably the best legs on the roster

38. Maria Kanellis

Maria Kanellis1Maria Kanellis

Diva Search contestant, Backstage interviewer and Playboy Cover girl … we will overlook the Santino stuff

37. Gail Kim / La Felina

Gail Kim1Gail Kim

TNA Knockouts Tag Champ, TNA Knockouts Champion twice, and WWE Women’s Champ … managed AMW in TNA and is pretty damn hot

36. Debra McMichael

Debra McMichael

Won the WWE Women’s title once, managed everyone from Stone Cold to Alex Wright … she had the greatest legs in the business for a while

35. Terri Runnels / Marlena / Alexandra York

Terri Runnels1Terri Runnels

Still not sure how Goldust managed this one, from the York foundation to The Pretty Mean Sisters “Marlena” has been a wrestling mainstay

34. Daffney


Original Crazy from screaming on Nitro with David Flair and Crowbar to playing Sarah Palin on impact Daffney has done it all even was the WCW Cruiserweight Champ!

33. Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox1Alicia Fox

Former Wedding Planner to the stars (and Former pizza delivery girl) Alicia Fox has won the WWE Women’s title and managed the likes of Zach Ryder and Elijah Burke

32. Tiffany


ECW Assistant GM … very sexy 1/2 of the Blondetourage (Kelly Kelly) now a Ref for TNA … also has GREAT pictures on the net

31. Naomi


NXT contestant (AJ Won) has a promising future behind her lol

30. Miss Tessmacher

Miss TessmacherHooters Texas Swimsuit Pageant Finals

Extreme Expose member, Knockouts Law, former TNA Knockouts winner and the best backside in the company When Eric brought out Miss Tessmacher everyone stood at attention

29. Michelle McCool


McCool has the sexiest waist …anyway Michelle hit the scene and was the first woman to hold the Divas AND Women’s championship at the same time
(Won both twice)

28. Lita


Everyone remembers Esse Rios! The Former Miss Congeniality (ECW) caught on with the Hardy’s and eventually won the championship 4 times

27. Mickie James / Alexis Laree

Mickie James1Mickie James

Shoutouts to Ravens “The Gathering” Trish Stratus’ Crazy Fan made a ton of noise in WWE Winning the Divas Championship, The Women’s Championship 5 Times and the TNA Knockouts title twice

26. Victoria / Tara


Former Godfather Ho (Probably due to that thickness), Managed multiple wrestlers and won the WWE Women’s Championship twice and the TNA Knockouts title 5 Times

25. Missy Hyatt

Missy Hyatt1Missy Hyatt

Former WWF and ECW star and Manager of Sting, The Sandman and The Steiner Brothers Plus, You have to remember Missy’s Manor! No?

So that’s the first half of the list

Any surprises?
Who’s Too High or Too Low?
Anyone you KNOW better NOT be in the Top 25?

Click here for the Top 25

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  • Marzo Kalif (@Count_Marzo)

    Francine is too low! Says the guy who still has his “Francine 4:69 means I just LICKED your ass” ECW original t-shirt.

    • eclectik

      My bad … it wasnt an exact science
      That shirt needs to be twitpic’d lol

  • Classick Material (@classickmateria)

    homina homina homina!

  • Jason Gross (@SockOfFleagulls)

    A daunting task… thankful you were up to it.

  • HowardtheDeck

    Lita would be in not only my top 25, but my top 5. Maybe top 2!

  • Saule Wright

    Alicia Fox didn’t have a title reign to be ranked BEHIND naomi lol

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