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March 2, 2013




I miss the days of sports posters … back when you actually looked up to players and you’d hang out in your friends rooms and see what posters they had, it was almost a competition to have the coolest posters

The creativity behind them were also dope, some are iconic and some probably should’ve never been made lol
The obsure ones are dope now though.

Thing is these days its no longer “cool” or practical to rock sports posters on your walls

Anyway, I wanted to do a post to give a shout out to some of the lesser known sports posters from back in the days

The Human Highlight Film … still the greatest Nickname in sports …
The Bash Brothers … I killed it with them on RBI Baseball
Of Coure The King of all posters Mike

The Rifleman … another great nickname, he and Bird went at it constantly!

James Worth the smoothest player on the court during the Showtime era

I dont recall anyone calling Herschel Walker the H-Bomb but it fits


90s-costacos-poster-chuck-p 90s-costacos-james-worthy-p 90s-costacos-herschel-poste

Can you believe Dale Ellis got a poster? LOL

Warren Moon, one of the most accomplished QBs ever period

Again Vinnie Johnson “The Microwave” When nicknames meant something and were dope at the same time


90s-costacos-dale-ellis-pos  warren-moon-costacos-poster vinnie-johnson-poster-90s-c


Id rather remember Mike Singletary for being the greatest MLB ever over the SF coaching job

Speaking of the Beats, Chicago Vice; the Funky QB and Sweetness!

The Greatest QB ever should’ve had a better poster, but what can you do?

singletary-1990-costacos-po payton-mcmahon-costacos-199 montana-costacos-poster-199



Back in 85 Im pretty sure every Bear had a poster LOL

You’d think the greatest Linebacker ever’s poster would’ve been more iconic but … yeah.

Patrick Ewing’s shorts though LOL

mark-carrier-90s-costacos-p lt-terminator-costacos-post  ewing-90s-costacos-poster

Jim Everett had a poster? And who authorized it?

As a Cincinnati Reds fan, I loved the Eric Davis poster

The RoboBack poster was a big one in my neighborhood back in the day


everett-costacos-90s-poster eric-davis-cosstacos-poster dickerson-costacos-poster-1

Neon Deion had so many posters both sports, good times

I didn’t put Boz’ poster right next to Bo’s on purpose did I?

I put Bo’s poster right next to Boz’ on purpose lol


deion-costacos-poster-1990 boz bo-jackson-1990-costacos-po


Again the Bears were all over the place in 85 – 86 … but Favre though! LOL

I never cared for John Elway but the poster was kinda dope

Chocolate Thunder! Plant Funkatron all day!


url-3 url-4 url-5


Barry Sanders was on every wall back in the 80s

No one likes Karl Malone, no one ever will … Im almost offended hes on my site lol

The Thurmanator was dope, underrated back, as long as he remembers his helmet


url-6 karl-malone thurminator-1

WHO DEY! As a Bengals fan, it was all Ickey Shuffle everything!

The Majik Man never was what he was supposed to be

In the 80s LA sports were LIKE THAT .. The Greatest Point Guard ever, and the Greatest Hockey Player ever


url-3 url-4 url-5

Man of Steal, great idea … dope

Again it was all about Chi Town and their characters in the 80s

The Greatest WR ever should’ve had a better poster


url-6 url-7 url-8



All of these posters were great, and I didnt put some of the more popular ones on the page on purpose but this wouldnt be a Sports posters post if I didnt put IMO the BEST, ILLEST, DOPEST, MOST EVERYTHING Sports poster ever ,,, EVERYONE had …



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  • http://twitter.com/ShareefJackson Shareef Jackson (@ShareefJackson)

    Man eff Karl Malone. His poster looks like a No Limit cover.

    I definitely had a Ewing poster on my college wall, and my brother had the Starks dunk poster.

  • http://twitter.com/SockOfFleagulls Jason Gross (@SockOfFleagulls)

    Epic post my friend. Jogged allot of memories. I still have some of mine, mostly Magic Johnson. I did have a Bo Jackson and a friend of mine had the Michael Jordan space which is epic.

    Next on the agenda… Panini sticker books.

  • http://gravatar.com/howardthedeck HowardtheDeck

    I had that Bash Brothers poster, and it was hands down my favorite until Mariah Carey went up around 1990.

  • http://twitter.com/JuggernautLB Evan L. Baylis (@JuggernautLB)

    The jordan one was perfect to inspire the dunk contest on Jordan Vs. Bird on the NES. The warren moon one was a classic. I walked past the jerry rice one all the time in kmart. No one wanted it.

    • eclectik

      LOL In K-Mart, yeah I never saw Jerry in anyone’s bedroom

  • 88bluedevil

    Great post. I had that Ice Man, Bo’s Black and Blue, everything Jordan (Bulls fan here) Shawn Kemp bashing on somebody and the Chicago Bears SB Shuffle. One of my favorites though was “The Sultans of Slam”. It had Jordan, Nique, Barkley and others.

  • Mr Cain

    give the costacos brothers a follow on twitter @costacosbrother

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