My Favorite underrated TV Bosses

February 26, 2013


I Love TV, some of my favorite characters to watch growing up was always the bosses of the main character … they were typically funny, but more so they were typically the bad guy (And I’m pro villain) so I originally was going to do a post of my Top X number of TV Bosses, but I felt the list would be too obvious and easy, so instead I figured I’d go with my favorite underrated and unheralded TV bosses … Not your George Jefferson’s and your Mr. Burns, Captain Kirk, Sam Malone … Not Even Ari Gold; those Bosses you never think about initially … or the bosses I DO think about initially lol

(Devon isn’t on the list … but should be, so I put his picture up top there lol)

So here we go

Justin Pitt


“I have been accused of wrong-doing. But these false accusations will not deter us. We WILL annex Poland by the Spring, at any cost! AND… our stock will rise HIGH!”

One of the chief muckity mucks at Doubleday Publishing, Boss of Elaine Bennes on Seinfeld
Mr. Pitt is underrated, often overlooked for J Peterman but Justin brought us gems! An affinity for long white knee socks, distrust for ink (It smears), Eating Snickers with a knife and fork
… even made Elaine take the salt off his pretzels lol


Ruth Dunbar



Head Honcho at Livingston, Gentry & Mishkin The Advertising firm where Kip and Henry worked on Bosom Buddies

Ruth was ruthless, sarcastic, and always took the credit for the boys work behind their backs; eventually she became a partner with Kip and Henry when they started their own Advertising firm
Holland Taylor has always been an excellent actress

Larry Tate


Larry: It’s very frustrating when I think of all that charm and sex appeal going to waste.
Darrin: Ellen’s?
Larry: No, mine.

Partner of McMann and Tate the Boss of Darrin Stephens on Bewitched
He was all about money and money … didn’t care what it took or who it hurt; he had to make that deal. He was the Original Roger Sterling!
… and they always ended up over Darrin’s house for dinner, did Louise ever cook?

Mel Sharples



I like myself the way I am. Who needs self-improvement?

Mel Sharples the owner and creator of Mel’s Diner, Boss of Alice Hyatt on the TV Show Alice

Mel was hilarious, inappropriate, and loyal
He gave us “Stow it” “Broads” and the T-Shirt and White Beanie combo! The back and forth between he and Flo was classic.

Cosmo G Spacely



The Great Mel Blanc voiced Cosmo Spacely President and CEO of Spacely Space Sprockets, Boss of George Jetson in The Jetsons

The Short, Tough, Gravely voiced Spacely yelled and fired George almost weekly, he stayed in the Jetsons business
Not only did Cosmo give us the Famous “YOU’RE FIRED” (better than Vince’s) He gave us Uniblab!

Shoutouts to:

  • Rob (What’s Happening!!)
  • Stan Winters (Martin)
  • Arthur Carlson (WKRP)



Who is your favorite TV Boss?

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  • Jason Gross (@SockOfFleagulls)

    Good list. One I’ll throw out as underrated… Lt. Castilla on Miami Vice. He’s never mentioned in the first breath about the show. He wasn’t the most animated character by far in a show known for flashy and trend setting culture. But he didn’t need to be. He had that level of “you better do what i say or there will be hell to pay.”

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