EDP213 – Cleck vs. Deck: PodDriver (Out Flat!)

May 14, 2013


It’s back again

Fresh off the Pop Culture Shootout … Cleck vs. Deck is on again!

Obviously that means Howie Decker! (@HowardThe Deck)


The CEO, CFO, and rabble rabble of UnderScoopFire (Site, Podcast, and lifestyle) goes head to head with yours truly in NOT trivia, NOT a matching of wits BUT
A match of Randomness!

THIS time Wrestling … a ton of questions … a ton of randomness … a ton of laughs

Everything from Bouncy Houses, Mini bird poop, Vampires, Dickwhistles, regal effeminate cat stories, and more!


Again it’s an entire show of The Fifth … even if you dont watch wrestling, you’ll enjoy it

You’ll be laid OUT FLAT!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/howie.decker.3 Howie Decker

    halfway through – the shalalala was brilliantly placed as always, sure they’ll be at least one more.
    Paul Bearer drop right off the bat – TOO SOON?! hilarious
    Love the “bet you won’t cross that line” instigation stories
    Laughing out loud at these questions even though I’ve already heard them. Mini B. Ware
    Love when Dusty’s music kicks right in during the question
    I’ll be back!

    • eclectik

      This was another fun show to do and edit
      Paul Bearer and that damn Danny Cooksey showed up
      The fight instigating was great back in the day LOL
      … Dusty is just a Cummin man #PayWindow

  • http://www.facebook.com/howie.decker.3 Howie Decker

    great edits as always, fun listen. #SapphiresRubies
    Loved hearing the “out flat!” drop in the If You Only Knew segment! Rougeau seems right.

    • eclectik

      Im glad to hear I did you justice
      Out Flat! that may become a new running drop on the show
      That Koko B Ware part was classic

  • http://twitter.com/chapmanrunner Mr. Serious (@chapmanrunner)

    good show even though 90% of the references were lost on me. Keep these Cleck & Deck shows coming.
    Especially love how the show just ends. No good bye, no closing remarks. Just flat out ENDS!

    • eclectik

      The C v. D shows are special inserts … no room for fancy window dressing; people just wanna hear the Deck … even my story couldve been dropped lol

      • http://twitter.com/chapmanrunner Mr. Serious (@chapmanrunner)

        Soon you will have to schedule these C v. D at 2am while Decker is up feeding the baby!

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