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June 30, 2006

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Real quick… 

I couldn’t care less about the Star Jones blah blah blah
I always thought she was wack
She was huge and scary, and now she’s smaller and scarier (seriously, I cannot look at the slim down version more than 2 seconds at a time)
And she took payola
She got fired…so what? People get fired…and people should be at work and too busy working to be at home watching or caring.

…and if you Tivo the View, 1 yourself.


What do you drink?

BET will replay those bland ass awards eleventy-seventy times between now and my next blog entry. They should just air the Beyonce and Busta performances on a loop because that’s all that was worth anything.

4th of July is time for BBQ and doing nothing…I’m too old to give a damn about Fireworks.

50 cent went away; haven’t heard too much about/from him in a while…lets hope that keeps.

Lil Kim is getting out of jail on Monday….so?
People please don’t make her seem important because she went to jail.
…she went to jail!
She makes terrible music, ruins her face and body…and she’s a felon.
…let’s ignore her.

Jamie Fox and Fantasia kissed…it was disgusting and hideous but probably didn’t have the effect that they though as no one is talking about it (wait I am…DAMNIT)


I can’t tell the difference:


Kelly Rowland looks sexy to me in photos…performances and interviews? Not so much.

Transformers the movie is coming out soon…I’m going to see it.

Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas has inked a deal to record a solo album with singer Akon’s Konvict Records….I’m not sure if I care or not yet.

A Fleishman-hillard poll says black women admire scholars more than athletes, prefer soul to hip-hop www.fleishman.com.
…I suppose this is non celebrity black women.

If Hip hop isn’t dead…it’s in critical conditional and on life support.

  • Elsette

    her name is brandy and not kelly rowland

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