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June 23, 2006

The BET Awards will be on next week…live, something ignorant is BOUND to happen.

It’s not BBQ is you don’t use charcoalsTwo different ways of spelling Catsup/Ketchup is just stupid

That’s what Ben Rothlesberger gets…bwahahahahaha! (Go Bengals)

I want the new Treo…but I hear it’s not better than the one I have.

What is the acceptable length for fingernails on men?
Mederma ladies….that get’s your skin RIGHT!

Where’s the black sheep? Here’s the black sheep!

Less comments since I moved my blogs….fake friends LOL!

My favorite “Whole” non hip hop CD of all time is:

In grade school “E” was never a grade…why did they go straight to “F”

Snow crab legs are a waste of time and effort.

I miss College

A woman that plays fantasy football is sexy.

I have too many pairs of sneakers that are over $200

Most holidays are wack…I’m not giving up my day off though!

There’s a lot of potential in the messageboard…could become a fun hangout.


Gatorade “Rain” is still that drink!

It’s the Mizzark chillin’ in the Pizzark, I gotta break cuz my mother said be home by Dizzark! LOL

Thank god for 401 K cuz life will KILL your savings account!

Every time I go to Wendy’s I get the same thing:

1 Single – Catsup (ugh) Ketchup and Pickles only  *NO cheese*
1 Biggie Fry W/BBQ sauce
1 order of chicken nuggets (5 pc.)
I need a light jacket…saw one at the Lacoste outlet…might get that.

No one knows what all the buttons on the calculator do.

The funniest cartoon character that never said a word is the little chicken on foghorn Leghorn that wore the glasses. (Egghead Jr.)

I cannot lay in the bed when I wake up in the morning, I have to get up
My favorite color is orange…burnt orange; earth tones.

I hate when what I’m wearing looks good but I just don’t look right in it

I don’t eat Mac and Cheese….never will.

Why hasn’t the “Black people” sterotype changed yet?

When people do impressions or portray us on TV why is it still the 1985’s hood ‘yo yo yo’ dude…or the gum poppin’ black chick?
…and why is “Sassy” only used when they talk about black women?

Blogs are cool, even when no one reads them…it’s still cool to get your thoughts out

People look for reasons to not like their jobs….remember how happy you were when you got it after the interview? Remember what you felt like BEFORE you had a job

…yeah, pipe down.

 I have to start eating breakfast.

Putting blogs here is better, esp. since they don’t block this page at work lol!

I want to play Chess…I’d LOVE to meet a woman that likes to play.

I only drink alcohol that tastes good.

If someone can tell me where I could find some Adidas ClimaCool revolutions size 13

I’d really appreciate it.

  • http://http//:www.jerzeyjuryduty.blogspot.com/ Tittayballs.com

    whatsup?! personally. I like ketchup. people try to act dignified, or acting like they’re French! it’s kinda like Target and Tar-zay? (when I was in ur hometown they were saying it like that!) I hate when I go to the fast food spot and they give me 2 ketchup packets. they act like its coming out of their check!
    WOW! I thought I was the only person on the face of the earth that didn’t like mac & cheese! crazy! but crabs legs are the truth. one of my favorites. I love my job. I think most people aren’t working in the field they want to. I work in tv and radio. that’s what I went to school for. It’s fun, I get to meet everybody who’s anybody, and I get paid good! life is great! my birthday is coming soon, though. I feel old! 3 years until 30…

  • beautifulgyrlJ

    In grade school “E” was never a grade…why did they go straight to “F”
    -P.G. County schools we had E’s. I never got one I was
    a scholar…

    And I can’t lay in bed either all morning, even when im sick I can’t do it.

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