Podcast: EDP 306 – Kwame goin Geekmode (@Kwamedidit)

January 28, 2014


The Podcast is back with Hip Hop Pioneer, Producer, and Geek Kwame!!!
Join me and The Boy Genius As we discuss:

The Golden Era
The State of Hip Hop
Kwame’s production
Writing the rhymes for BBD’s Poison
Algebra Blessett
DC vs. Marvel

And a lot more … even a game of name the emcee


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Make sure you pick up Algebra Blessett’s “”Recovery” NOW


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  • 88bluedevil

    Man!!!!! Always been a fan of Kwame, still remember introducing his music to people on my base when I was stationed in Korea in 89. Perfect guest to kick the new year off, one of the best to date. Music, toys, comics and toons are topics that will forever be fun to talk about. Wish we could’ve gotten the whole posse thing from that bunch. They made great dance/party music. Who didn’t play a Herbie produced track at a house party? All around this was a real cool show.

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