I think I think I

April 27, 2006

I think I think:

The NBA is terrible these days

Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child looks like Scrappy Doo


Jaguar Wright and Vivian Green doesn’t get enough notice

Rainbow was the Best Now&Later flavor

Myspace is Blackplanet on Steroids

Cottage Cheese is nasty

Lisa Barber (USA Track and Field) needs me.

I can’t decide who has the better nuggets, Chick Fil A or Wendy’s

Sex is good as hell but overrated

The NFL season is too short and the offseason is too long

My Top 10 Celebrity ‘Can get it’ list as of right now is:

1. Zoe Saldana
2. Kristal Marshall
3. Lisa Barber
4. Joyfull Drake
5. Eva Pigford
6. Brooklyn Sudano
7. Ciara
8. Nikki/Hoopz
9. Latoya Luckett
10.Vivian Green

Jem was truly outrageous.

I’m not nearly as superficial as I used to be.

Steak tacos from Chipotle are ‘wow’

A laid back 7 with a sense of humor, likes sports and shoots poolis hotter than a fast butt 9 that
clubs every week and has no conversational skills

I’m one of the few that has no problems with Sprint.

Fantasia looks like Woody woodpecker

With all the copy cat shows that goes on, where’ the Urban Idol? All R&B and Soul Singers.

The DL guy stuff cannot be true, no way a guy has sex or does whatever with another guy but don’t consider themselves gay…wouldn’t that be the definition?

Small wonder was that show.

If I had to pick between Baseball and Hockey…I might pick Hockey.

This infatuation with the terrible ATL and Texas music is worst than when New Orleans was running things South=Bad Rap

People should shut up about gas prices, who cares how high it is…you gotta drive anyway, pipe down.

Hip hop doesn’t exist anymore…What Talib, Common, and Mos Def does is Rap music, what T.I. , Jeezy, Three 6 Mafia, etc does is ‘Urban pop’Hip Hop: DJing, Emceeing, B Boying, Graffiti is all but gone.

If Carson Palmer comes back 100% my team will be a BEAST!

Not too much is better than Coldstone in the summer.

Watching the girl from Family matters (Jamiee Foxworth) do porn (Crave) just doesn’t seem right…I dont turn it off…I’m just saying.

The Groups on Myspace should be way better than they are.

Harris Teeter is the greatest.

I’m so attracted to Pam Oliver

No one remembers Great Space Coaster but me.

This season the truth about McNabb is going to come out.

All things considered LL Cool J Could be considered the Greatest Rapper of all time.

I don’t think Buffie’s face is unattractive….and yes, I HAVE seen her face

I hate: LOL, LMAO, ROTFL, OMG, etc. but unfortunately you have to use them

Typing slang just seems ignorant.

I’m addicted to the Nikki/Hoopz Reggaeton video clip on Google.

Being single sux, but being with someone out of connivance is way worst.

The only Tom & Jerry Episode funnier than the ‘Zoot Suit’ could be Uncle Pecos

The Skins should start Campbell

Physically in a woman give me a cute face, pretty skin and nice legs/arms over “phat ass” and
big breasts anydayI take petite/slim over thick if I had my choice.

Frankeberry was the best Monster cereal

The Body shop has some good ish.

Nice guys don’t finish first of last, they just maintain until they find some one that appreciates what they do.

Girlfriend’s Tracee Ross has the most underrated Ass in show business

There’s nothing sexier than a woman in a Beater and jeans…Sweats or something spaghetti strapped and a ponytail

  • http://jerzeyjuryduty.blogspot.com/ jerzeygyrl

    Myspace is the devil. Cottage Cheese looks like grounded up maggots!

    *This season the truth about McNabb is going to come out.*
    Oh no!!! Don’t make me have to come to DC!! haha!

  • http://eclectik-relaxation.com/ eclectik

    Jerzey: LOL@ myspace, and that’s the TRUTH about Cottage Cheese…and it looks like I’m right about ole Donovan F. McNabb 🙂

    C’mon! get on down here!!!!

  • http://www.djsnuts.com Don Johnson

    Your right about Lisa Barber and she has a twin sister name Miki! Imagine that being caught in that Vagina Sandwich!!

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