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May 21, 2006

I cannot WAIT till Football season (College and Pro) starts!

Season of the Tiger could be a better show BUT it’s nice to see my school on TV

Mission Impossible 3 wasn’t that bad.

I wonder what people like better “Dime Lines” , “I remember When” or these things in my blog

The Redskins will have the better record but the Cowboys will beat them

CORAL will be back on the Real World/Road Rules challenge and I could not be happier; I love those…err her….and she’s a asshole; love that woman.

Fat meat IS greasy

106&Park, Rap City and the 25,000 other Video shows on BET could all be replaced by VH1 Soul

There are NO available/Single women in Northern VA

A key to happiness is separating needs from wants

My latest Celebrity Top 10 ‘Want’ list; Last ranking’s position in ( )

1, Zoe Saldana (1)
2. Lisa Barber (3)
3. Brooklyn Sadano (6)
4. April Watts (NR)
5. Angell Conwell (NR)
6. Vivian Green (10)
7. Joyful Drake (4)
8. Latoya Luckett (9)
9. Eva Pigford (5)
10. Julissa (From 106&Park) (NR)

My rent is ridiculous

Tamiko T is my favorite Model/ Radio personality…no idea how much I want to date her
(Though I’ve always been in love with Egypt and Steph Lover too :))

The evolution of meeting people/Web addiction:
Yahoo Chat
College Club.com

My Treo 650 kicks ass

The only place that has more Gay black men than DC is American Idol auditions LOL!
(Not that there’s anything wrong with that)

I watch Grease and Pretty woman every time they come on cable.

My Mother wants me to get a girlfriend
(Pref. one that’s from the Midwest)

The Jolly Rancher Fire Stix, used to be the best!

Bailey’s Pub and Grill is the best.

Gabrielle Union does NOTHING for me.

My 5 favorite singers right now are:

1. Erykah Badu
2. Alicia Keys
3. Vivian Green
4. Heather Headley
5. Keyshia Cole

Frosted Strawberry is the BEST pop Tart flavor (Then Frosted Cherry)

I’m the worst impulse shopper ever

Ciara has close to a perfect shape

Meagan Good almost has the perfect everything

Kobe blew it…he sucks…he’s overrated…and Ah ha

“When this Feeling” by SWV is one of my favorite songs ever.

You can’t do that on Television needs to come out on DVD

I’m the pickiest eater anyone has ever seen.

Being single isn’t that bad…till you’re horny.

The DC metro has the worst slang ever.

The last Girlfriends episode is over and it sucked…if it gets canceled I’m going to be burt; mmmm Toni Childs.

A woman that likes to shoot pool and/or play chess is sexy to me.

Mamba candy used to be the greatest…that was a lot of candy for 50 cent.

My top 5 Favorite Emcees right now are:

1. Ghostface
2. MF Doom
3. Mos Def
4. Jean Grae
5. Rhymefest

You can’t put a value on a woman with a sense of humor…and sarcasm.

Myspace is the most addictive website that gives you nothing….the forums and groups suck most of the blogs are ‘meh’ but ya just can’t stay away.

Everyone likes Aqua Teen, Family guy, and South Park (If you’re cool at least) but a lot of people are sleeping on Robot Chicken

The cool people understand how I came up with Eclectik Relaxation without me explaining it.

Song you’d never think I liked: The Best of You by the Foo Fighters.

How in the WORLD did Steve Nash win the NBA MVP (Either time?!?)

The prefect woman, she’s everything my “Dime Lines” say she is/should be…BUT she smokes…can I be with her? Dunno.

Lion-O would CLEARLY beat He-Man up

  • http://jerzeyjuryduty.blogspot.com/ jerzeygyrl

    Thanks for re-posting the archives, E.

    That Treo 650 is hott. I wanted to get it but I decided to stay w/ T-Mobile and get the MDA. I love it! Do you’s (I had to stop myself…you’s: that’s straight North Jerzey) say chompie and jawn in DC? I’ll kill you in chess… who do you think taught Bobby Fischer?! LOL! I’m alright at pool. I get lucky sometimes. I have beef with Mamba Candy…I lost 2 fillings. GHOSTFACE AND MOS DEF ARE MY ISH!!! I’m about to go cop Black on Both Sides again… it keeps getting stolen. I can’t seem seem to hold onto that, Reasonable Doubt, and Enter The Wu. My top MC’s are Mos, Ghost, Cead Prez, and Talib.

  • http://eclectik-relaxation.com/ eclectik

    You’re welcome, please do hit em all and comment 🙂

    I LOVE the Treo…gonna upgrade to the new jump off “700” at the end of the year
    They say all types of ish in DC (I’m FROM Ohio so I dont participate)

    We’ll have to get our Chess game up

    Nobody Fux with Ghostdini…he has a new joint coming out in a couple months

  • http://livinglifeforme.blogspot.com DollFace

    You know, I never saw an episode of Tiger. They approached my school for the first College Hill season but they didn’t even bother to respond. After watching that mess, I couldn’t have been any happier for that decision!
    I like to play pool but I am THE WORST. And I have the best marble chess set….but I haven’t played chess in almost 15 yrs.
    I have no idea who some of those women are on your top 10 celeb list, but from the ones that I do know, I can see why Gabby does nothing for you 🙂
    Yes to Jolly Rancher Fire Stix, Frosted strawberry poptarts, and Pretty Woman

  • prissy


  • beautifulgyrlJ

    Bailey’s Pub and Grill is the best.
    -Man I Love That Place me and my girls went there for New Years one year and had a BLAST!

    The only place that has more Gay black men than DC is American Idol auditions LOL!
    -I question any man that approaches me around here.

    The DC metro has the worst slang ever.
    – NO we DO NOT! Try being in the 757 area… Ughhh what the hell is a Stick Girl or Stick Man!?!? That’s wack… But my DC slang is to a minimum since I have an education, people think I talk too proper, I don’t understand half of it anyway now and my mother is extremely conservative and hates slang even though she is from NE,DC.

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