I have Nothing

May 21, 2006

I have NO

Smoking habits
Unemployment situation
Lack of transportation
Lack of education
Homosexual tendencies
Undo stress
Desire to hit the clubs every weekend

…having none of that, I don’t feel so bad though

  • heavensmama

    I have no…
    problem admitting i’m wrong
    lack of good books to read
    time to make my bed every single morning

  • Nicole Crockett

    Where do you get all the dope artwork? I love them!

  • http://maimaimommy.blogspot.com/ tjeanise

    Where are you finding all the pictures from????

  • http://deborahsthoughtsmadevisible.blogspot.com Deborah

    Hmm…I got the smoking habits, the unemployment sitch, lack of education (almost done high school, though), got no boyfriend….homosexual tendencies? Only when I’m REALLY drunk…that’s pretty much it. Good list, though.

  • http://jerzeyjuryduty.blogspot.com/ jerzeygyrl

    Don’t fell left out. I don’t have any of that ,either. But doesn’t it feel good to do what YOU want… when YOU want to?! One of my friends said I was self-centered and selfish. I told HER she’s disgruntal b/c she couldn’t keep her legs closed and now she has to deal with it! Needless to say… we’re no longer friends. haha! The only thing i don’t have is property… and I’m working on that!

  • http://www.myspace.com/tia40 Ms. Tia P.

    How do I become you?

    For each art piece, I am
    Your mentality, I want to see
    Emotionally, should I be damn
    Me, alone, is it really free

    help me….

    Ms. Tia P.

  • shawna

    baby, you have it all. except me.

  • xyencediva

    Like you I don’t feel so bad either when you lay it all out like that….



  • http://www.femigog.blogspot.com femigog

    Say it again Brothah!

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