Still Thinkin’

May 21, 2006

Frankenberry, Count Chocula…no one remembers Boo Berry though.

I played Tecmo and Madden more hours than I spent in class per semester in college.

I can’t type worth a damn

When I build my dream house I’m going to have a urinal in the bathroom.

Chili’s has the best fried Shrimp ever

Women think that men love the chase, and I hate the chase.

If you’re 21 or older, you need to grow up

Lupe Fiasco just might be okay

If anyone that reads these things and thinks
“Hey, he’s talking about me…nah, he can’t be”
…I am.

College Football’s 2006-2007 National Champions THE Ohio State University!!!

Almond Snickers are KILLIN The regular ones

That whole “I don’t go to church” thing turned a lot women off lol!

People always clap their hands right before they show someone a dance

I don’t know what’s better…Raisin bran or Frosted Flakes

If I were a major celebrity all my jewelry would be fake
Why pay all that money for the real stuff, I could get jacked…it’s for show anyway and since I’d be rich everyone would automatically assume it was real…win-win.

My top 10 Favorite Cartoon characters of all time are:

1. Bugs Bunny
2. Daffy Duck
3. Grumpy Smurf
4. Yosimite Sam
5. Starscream (Transformers)
6. Stewie Griffin
7. Spider-man
8. Master Shake
9. Cobra Commander
10. Hair Bear

Degree Deodorant is what’s up.

I think people seek out to annoy me on purpose….they WANT me to hate them

I’m right at 6’0″ even, weight 224lbs.

The toughest of my blogs is the “I remember when” because I remember a ton of shit no one else would and you people would think I’m crazier than you already do.

example: The movie: “The Heavenly kid” I loved that movie…but who the hell knows about it but me?

I’m honest to a fault…lying is too involved…take the truth and like it.

Remember combos?
The Cheese things that had like a cracker around them
…those little things?They were awful.

I want either the Cavs or the Heat to win the NBA title.

I’m a Jeans and sneaker fanatic.

I don’t profile…and I dont discriminate,
alls I’m saying is when someone is driving slow or stupid in front of me when I pass them to see who it is, they’re either old, or someone in their immediate family was NOT born in the US

I need Unconditional love by Musical Youth and Donna Summer on .mp3 or .wav

When I left Grambling Jahzi was hands down the most beautiful woman there.

People say I’m too nonchalant and I say …meh, I dont care.

I can never get my 3 button polos as crisp as they were when I bought them.

When you get older Hopscotch isn’t hard at all lol

  • Intricate Essence

    The Heavenly Kid…
    The movie about when the kids dad ( who died in a drag race)comes back as his guardian angel… So you wouldn’t feel alone in remembering that… :-)..

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