BET: Wack Star Power

July 26, 2006

BET the poster child for 1/2 assed networks

BET should be ashamed of themselves, why can we (Minorities) NOT have a decent channel?
BET shows Videos (Read: The SAME Videos) all fukn day, they just change the name of the shows
The hosts are extra corny…shuckin’ and jivin’, stereotypical and seemingly green and untalented.
Then on Sunday they’ll play church on a loop all day
…now they sprinkle in some half assed reality show knockoffs like they’re breaking new ground:
I don’t wanna see Keyshia Cole’s stank ass
…don’t give a shit about DMX…they’ll do the Vince young thing wrong as well
College Hill? The Ultimate Hustler (Well that was kinda entertaining)
Damnit man

And need I mention the “Black”buster- straight to DVD (and now BET) movies? Can they show Motives and Prison Song a couple more times?
(Atleast they don’t keep showing Carmen: The Hip Hop Oprea anymore)
…gotta save room for all the BET Awards reruns

They had a damn show counting down to a hasbeen/wack rapper going to jail…a damn celebration!?

…maybe I’m buggin; lemme see
BET Morning Inspiration
9:00 AM The Wayans Bros.
9:30 AM The Wayans Bros.
10:00AM Jamie Foxx Show
10:30AM Jamie Foxx Show
11:00AM  106 & Park
12:30PM Hotwyred A half hour music video wrap-around show
1:00PM  BET NOW Video Block
3:00PM  Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is
3:30PM  DMX: Soul Of A Man
4:00PM  The Wayans Bros.
4:30PM  The Wayans Bros.
5:00PM  Rap City
6:00PM  106 & Park
8:00PM  Blackbuster Movie
10:00PM Letoya Luckett Special
10:30PM The Parkers
11:00PM The Jamie Foxx Show
11:30PM The Jamie Foxx Show
12:00AM In Living Color
12:30AM In Living Color
1:00AM  Comic View
2:00AM  Wayans Bros.
2:30AM  Wayans Bros.
3:00AM  Wayans Bros.
3:30AM  Wayans Bros.
4:00AM  BET Morning Inspiration

..aaaannnnnd repeat.

So…any given day; 8 Wayans brother shows, 4 Jamie Foxx Shows, 2 Living colors, the parkers and everything else pretty much music related.

The same people that own MTV owns BET but they still treat it like the adopted black kid….if you have to put white people in charge to get some decent programming then do it
It’s like they take whatever MTV is doing cut the quality and production by 70% and slap it on TV…young people eat it up too!

It’s not even the OLD BET…at least it was new, and it was grown up
Video Soul w/ Donnie Simpson
Video Vibrations w/ Alvin Jones the unseen VJ!
The REAL Rap City with the Mayor!

This is what I say…

Shows that SHOULD be on BET:

Flavor of Love
-Like it or not, but it should be on the “Black Entertainment” network

-Why shouldn’t the most powerful woman in showbiz not be on the network?

Puff’s Making the Band
-They’re going to promote whatever he comes up with on BET anyway

America’s Next top Model
-If they’re not Eva, they’ll end up on there as a host of something anyway.

-Because it just should be
Half and Half
-See above

The Game
-If it’s going to be on TV, why not?

The Tyra Banks show
-A couple of talk shows would give the network credibility…Oprah for the old, Tyra for the young

Chappelle Show
-He might still be doing the show

Everybody Hates Chris
-Goes without saying

The Bernie Mac Show

Runs House
-Just makes sense

The Boondocks
-That would kill on BET!

-It’s Sticky Finaz from Onyx!

The Shop
-that AND Barbershop from HBO should be there

Soul Train
-Why the hell not?

…why let all the other networks still the black talent and do whatever they want with it. It would probably keep a lot of our shows from being cancelled


If you’re going to show reruns of old shows how about:

Diff’rent Strokes
Cosby Show
Soul Food
A Different World
In the House
South Central
Arsenio Hall
The Richard Prior Show
Sanford and Son
Good Times
the Jeffersons
That Damon Wayns show
Edited versions of The Wire

You add in a
Black Soap Opera (Better than Generations)
A game show
A talk show…hell if you HAVE to give Scar Jones a show
A drama ala Soul Food
and a couple of young shows…like a newer Different world or a show set in Atlanta with young black people.
Comic View
And on Saturdays show Black College football…show the step show and battle of the band competitions
THEN you can have your videos…BUT

1 Count down show (106 & Park)
1 Rap Show (Rap City)
1 Soul show (Think VH1 Soul)
1 New Artist show
Now THAT’S how you make a Black Entertainment Network

BUT until I’m put in power over there LOL, we’ll have to deal with corny/wack/poser hosts…uninspired programming, horrifc production, and stereotype shaping music videos and shows till when turn that shit off.
…TVOne is better (because the have Martin and G Garvin, etc.) but not by much; they need work too…but a lot of people can’t even get the channel…not blog worthy yet.

…just my thoughts, what do I know? Can’t wait till I get off so I can get my Shoulder Lean on (sigh)

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  • Shug

    OMG, I was just talking to a friend about this the other day! BET is just not what it used to be. I remember I could watch it ALL DAY LONG. Now, I can’t even sit through an entire show. The BET Awards are WHACK, hosts on 106 & Park and other bootleg countdown shows suck (they will NEVER be Free & AJ), they play retarded or “hood” movies all the time…it’s just a mess.

    What happened to positive shows like Teen Summit? What happened to Midnight Love? Where’s Donnie Simpson??? And yes, they should play shows like the Cosby Show and A Different World. Instead of uplifting black folks, it seems like it’s trying to keep us ignorant. I’m just happy they took UnCut off the air. I guess that’s a start. That show was just HORRIBLE. I say we start our on network.

  • Erica B.

    I have also thought this same thing from time to time. It’s not like BET is the new kid on the cable block… they’ve been on the air 25 years and it is beyond time that they step their game up. It’s ridiculous! I thought with all of the changes over their that they would have some new shows. Why couldn’t they pick up the black shows that didn’t make the cut from UPN to CW? What better home for them to have? It would be wonderful if Miss Media Mogul herself was affiliated with OUR network but let us not forget that she has a network of her own — Oxygen.

  • DivineLavender

    I believe that all media outlets begin to look for profit and the big buy out. The Johnson’s sold BET for a huge buy out. As you go up the media ladder there are truly a few big coporations and I believe that BET became subject to the profits lines of being a money making business. They cater to the people whom are buying into their programming…the mindless, and with disposable income…youth (worldwide). They aren’t programming to a discriminating audience that chooses carefully our viewing chooses…we aren’t their target demographic. I think we use to be, but times have changed. I did hear about Channel One that address these concerns. I heard only certain cable and satellite companies offer this option to most of us.

    Hince I love DVD’s and my mighty confuser (laptop).

  • Missy

    I honestly agree with you. If BET is on at my house, it’s because my husband turns to that channel. I hate BET. I did watch the awards this year but was utterly disappointed at the way the Wayans brother was making a butt of himself. Was he under the influence?? I have always hated BET quite frankly…the lineup, the quality of the picture, etc. You should compile your blog comments and forward them to the current CEO for consideration. Who do they conduct focus groups on to revamp their lineup each season anyway?? BET could much more profitable IF they had shows on such as Oprah, Tyra, Cosby, Girlfriends et al…

    P.S. My cousin sent me your blog link.

  • Stephanie

    I, for one, have not watched BET in over 3 years. And even when I did, it was few and far between. I can’t stand it… And to tell you the truth, I am a little offended that they sit there and play bullsh*t videos glorifying hoochies, hoes, drugs, and violence ALL DAY…and have the nerve to call it BLACK Entertainment Television.

    It’s almost like the big-wigs at the network are like, “hahaha…yeah, that’s all those negroes need to entertain them…”


  • Shavonne

    I didn’t know BET was worldwide. I automatically assumed it wasn’t since there are still some cable companies in certain areas that don’t carry BET. Plus, I never saw it when I was overseas not that I would be looking for it.

    I agree with everything you say in regards to BET though. It needs to change, BADLY.

    There’s also the Black Family Channel, but that network is no different than BET.

  • King of Sarccastikizms…

    okay…you need to take stephen hill’s job…i agree with you totally, i check out BET time to time…but BETJ..where good soul music is shown and jazz…that’s my favorite now…

  • keli

    Yep, BET is a little Whack these days. Bring back Video Soul with Donnie Simpson, and BET Nightly News with Tavis Smiley. ( I smile as I think about what use to be!)


    I am looking forward to the Vince Young reality show. Being that I am a UT alumna and avid Longhorn sports fan. I have a major crush on this young man!

  • rocka

    You said that…

  • Leonce

    It could not have been said any better, good brother. If I could put you in the chair now, I would. Absolutely perfect. And I like your line-up, for real.

  • Juicy

    Wow, finaly someone understands what I’ve been saying for such a long time. BET which is no longer an acronym for Black Entertainment Television is horrible. I’m sure they have at least 200 people employed over at the Network . It just makes you wonder if they’re sitting on their a##!? There is so many ideas that could transform the station. I’m really tired of the poor representation of people of color. We can do sooo much better.

    We should start a petition about this issue…. It would be so much justifiable, then the pointless petitions about Beyonce video getting re-do, lol. I’m sure a lot of people will sign it.

  • Darbs

    I couldn’t have said this better myself. My sentiments exactly…I can’t even watch BET anymore. Sad…but true.

  • Royce’s Daughter

    TV One is pretty bogus if not for Martin and G. Garvin, which by the way is my celebrity boo…I think I need to put his pic up on my blog…as a matter of fact I think you just inspired my next blog. I’d love to trade secrets with him in the kitchen LOL!! Ok I digress…

    I agree with you, BET is pure D shyt!! And who in the hell is the little boriqua and the skinny dude that hosts 106 & Park…not that I care cause I hate that show but at least when I am surfing I should find something relatively entertaining on the “black” network…Get da fuk outta here with that PLEASE!!!

  • onya

    ok. granted their are alot of financial and social politics in trying to get oprah and other dignified shows or blacks on bet, but why the hell did they get rid of midnight love or classic soul or whatever it’s called. that program showed passion in our culture, it showed we owned taste in music. now with all the lean back and shake ass shit, white people practically rule the music scene.

  • MKPrice

    ur so smart. I vote you for president.

  • Angel

    The only thing I watch on Bet is Soul Food and Girlfriends re-runs which only come on once a week 🙁 I’m so frustrated with our people, because we never do anything about it (myself included).

    If we made a BIG FUSS things might change, but I guess we’d have to convince the younger generation to get on board too. It saddens me that BLACKS are actually over there running things… my goodness i’d be ashamed to say I worked for BET!

    Anyway, I agree with all the observations you made Eclectik… maybe one day *sigh*

  • Deborah

    I HATE 106 & Park…why the HELL should it take an hour and a half to show 10 videos? I’ll tell you why! Because they’re too busy talking gibberish in between! I hate that music channels and music shows have become less about the music and more about the talk.
    HELLO! Are you RETARDED?!

  • TC

    THANK YOU someone finally said it!!!!

  • killa vam

    my points exactly, hasn’t anyone ever shared these points to the heads at BET. I’m sure there has to be some chatter floating around about how terrible BET’s programming is these days. I would be ashamed if I were working at BET right about now. Or maybe person are making so much money that they really don’t care what affect they’re having on the viewing public. It’s as if, it’s done on purpose, to keep those watching BET in a hypnotic-brainless state of mind. BET is now blatant in labeling and assuming that all there is to black people and black culture is hoes, cars, rims, cell phones, jewelry, and sex. That is definately a percentage but not the levels that BET utilizes them.
    It just amazing, and its like nobody cares. Why don’t they just axe BET so we dont have to be associated with the so-called Entertainment Network.
    I really don’t know what going on over there…

  • HuDuchess

    *prints out list, encloses it in a letter then mails it to the BET executives*
    just kidding…although now that i think about it that wouldn’t be a bad idea.
    Some people on another board i frequent were talking about this humorous forward entitled, “If BET were a high school” (i’m looking for it now to email it to you) and a couple of people had the exact same sentiment. One person noted, “BET sucks, black people got jibbed” Its really, really, sad that its been over 25 yrs and its still garbage…

  • Sakeenah

    I’m convinced the employees at BET must be of the non-intellectual sort. It’s evident in the programming. Remember Bev Smith, Ed Gordon, Tavis Smiley? That was during the time when BET hired people who read books, grown people. Even though the channel has always played an abundance of music videos, I remember when I could leave the station running all day & zone out in front of the videos. Now, I can’t stand to watch more than one video. It can’t be about my age. Back in the day people could sing, their videos had story lines. Like most of you, I am thorougly disappointed with BET, too. Black people serve each other poor quallity things, we don’t think we’re worth better, we don’t even see each other as intelligent. Then we get mad when other people treat us as such. It makes me wish I was running things. You know what, I might just get that ball rolling. I’m fed up. Even if I have to start out with a few local access shows, somebody has got to reflect the more positive & uplifting side of black culture. The side that I know. The black people in my social circles are educated, married, own homes, are wholistic, healers, attorneys, musicians, martial artists, politicians, authors, and they’re young. I don’t know people like those reflected in videos. I come across progressive black people all the time, but we are not shown in the media. No wonder other races take us for a joke, even other black races. They’re probably wondering how our race survives if we’re all about getting high, doing time, standing on the corner, drinking 40s, sleeping around, robbing, and scrubbing our white sneakers w/a toothbrush. I could go on and on about this, but I don’t want to bore anybody. If you are serious about starting an intelligent black channel, email me:

  • Jonathan

    wow i definately agree with you. I was just flippin through the channels and saw BET and thought how much i hated it now. I havent watched it in about 3 or 4 years and i havent missed out on anything. I think ive probly gained by cutting it from my schedule. Back in the day I could watch BET for the entire day, there was a variety of shows and they were actually interesting. Now its just the same crap over and over and over again. I swear I’ve flipped through and seen the same video on like three times in a row. How is BET uplifting anyone if they’re constantly playing into the same stereotype they’re fighting down. Everything is either about drugs, violence or some form of stupidity. REALLY sad. I hope more ppl get this blog

  • Mel

    I don’t even watch it any more.

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