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August 1, 2006

Déjà vu indeed…isn’t that song a mash-up of Michael Jackson’s Heartbreak Hotel and Wanna be staritin’ somethin’?
..With a less feminine voice might I add LOL

Oh, MUST I see “B” on every magazine and blog? I understand…she’s attractive; but damnit man! The album isn’t out or anything…stop shoving her down our throats.

Crushed red pepper on pizza, but only mall pizza for some reason

Shooting pool with a woman is a good time to me…just that women dont like to shoot

I’m going to have to revisit my Top 10 favorite women…time for a shakeup

You know why Condeleza Rice is sexy? Because she’s a big NFL fan and she said one of her dreams is to be NFL Commissioner

I saw Miami Vice over the weekend…I to this day STILL have no idea what the plot was

Unless the new “FLAVORETTE” show features Hoopz they cut 1/2 of the flavor of love audience out off the top.

They should bring back Ice cream cones cereal
…and cinnabunz…mmmmm

I’m a TV junkie; 24, Prision Break, Apprentice, Big Brother…Hell, I even watch KyleXY, Project runway, and Monk (Tivo is a powerful drug)

Why can’t you block bulletins on myspace? Fukn chain bullitens and “Tom is gonna do this bulletins” ugh

Reason 12: Because women think they can do better than me
(They can’t …but they think it lol)

My Top 10 Favorite Nas Songs
1. Understanding
2. It aint hard to tell
3. The World is yours
4. Mo Murder Mo homicide w/AZ
5. Verbal Intercourse w/Ghost and Rae
6. Fast Life w/Kool G Rap
7. Memory Lane
8. Black Girl Lost
9. Eye for an Eye w/Mobb Deep
10. One Love
Ohio State WILL beat Texas this year

I’d date a blogger, I’d date someone from myspace…but I will NOT share my sour patch kids.

I wanted to go see “Devil wears Prada” but nobody would go with me lol…I’ll sneak and buy the DVD

I hate the Pittsburgh Steelers

Smoothie King is one of the greatest places on earth.

I’ve spent $300+ on sneakers…and will do it again
(I have a serious shopping habit)

Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Prince…Who has the better singing voice?

If I could make a woman out of any 3 of my posts I’d mix
My Kinda Girl
Actions Maintain
And…prob. Dime Lines IV
Hard to pick…love the Dime lines.

What’s the use in being cute when you have a stank attitude

I make damn good Spaghetti

I miss college, so much different than the real world…you have to go do stuff…but not really…now I HAVE to come to work lol

I’m 5’11” and 225 lbs

The message board is picking up…good conversation is poppin’ off; Do join if you haven’t already.

Women that play chess are sexy to me.

Reason 13: I love Crate and Barrel, Store house, ZGallerie, and West Elm

I should make a T shirt with my logo

Nick left Sharon for Phyliss
I still don’t get this whole Brad thing…and why we should care; AND Victoria should leave dude.
I could not care less about what happens to Lily’s husband and Kevin…that’s a wack ass storyline
Ah Ha Dru is getting played; Neil is mad corny though
Victor ALMOST had me back, he almost got ruthless again, then he spazzed out more…they must end that now


I’m talking about soaps again.

The “Adult” Dime lines:
Dime Lines V
Dime Lines VI
Dime Lines VII
Dime Lines XIV

don’t get as many comments lol

I wonder who would win in a Freestyle battle between
Blanche Deveraux and Red Fraggle?


I think Red might get in that ass lmao!

  • http://www.myspace.com/lovinmy88keys Stephanie

    Hahaha. I can dig it. 🙂

    I think Blanche might win that one, though. I like her style…

    Well, I don’t watch tv, so I don’t really know what’s going on with any of the shows you mentioned, but I DID rent the first 2 seasons of the 4400 on DVD. It is an AMAZING show. You should check it out.

    And get off B!!! That’s my girl crush… For real.

  • http://thek-spot.blogspot.com/ keli

    I miss college too! Back then I was focused yet still care free!

    You will probably see B on my blog, because I love her…and I’m a grown azz woman… DC3 are to my nieces what EnVogue was to me.

    I always wanted Dru with Malcolm because Neil is corny!

    Ohio State WILL beat Texas this year….I highly doubt it! Hook’em Horns!

  • http://nsaneleesane.blogspot.com Nsane Lee Sane

    What about “The Life We Chose”…you gotta add that to your Nas list….

    I love chess, but why do none of these niggas play or even know how to play?
    I learned when I was 8…I don’t think you’re a man unless you play chess…

    I play pool also, I’m a little rusty, so I need some practice..

    I want some spaghetti, guess I’ll make some tonight.

  • http://divaindemand.blogsome.com Diva (in Demand)

    Dang…You’ve got me thinking about spaghetti too now. LOL Fun post. And I think alot of women don’t shoot pool cause they don’t know how. I didn’t until I learned HOW. That’s when I realized it was much more fun than standing around watching. And you should definitely see The Devil Wears Prada…..it’s gets 2 thumbs up.

    What else??? OH Dru and Neil. Don’t forget that Dru is straight hood. She will smack that chick! LOL

  • http://boundbymyhook.blogspot.com Erica B.

    Don’t you just love when Dru goes from Miss Corporate Classy to Ghetto Girl? You should see “DWP” , it was an excellent movie, especially if you like love clothes! I may have you beat on the spaghetti… we should trade recipes!

  • http://thetenaciousone.blogspot.com tenacious

    Ima need you to step away from the soaps…lol…I thought you were talking about Brad Pitt and Nick Lachey for a sec…LOL

    I don’t know….Red was the sh*t but Blanche is from the Souff…

    I like Beyonce but I can’t get into this Deja Vu song, I don’t know why but the video cracks me the hell up…

    Go see the DWP…Hell I’ll go with you and see it again LOL…Damn that I went to see Finding Nemo by myself, it’s nothing wrong with hitting the movies by yourself

    I’m not good but I shoot pool why stand around looking crazy?

    I love Stevie and Michael but I’ve liked Prince since I was 7, I even had his hairstyle *lol*

    I heart college 🙂

  • http://my-fresh-start.blogspot.com Lisa

    I watch Kylexy as well,I thought the show was going to be cheesy but it’s actually really good.See you stingy your not going to share your sour patch candy,fine be that way 🙁 lolI say Stevie Wonder sounds the best dang wait maybe Prince (That’s a hard choice)I noticed the message board really is picking up I can’t keep up anymore lol

  • http://shavonne.org Shavonne

    For some reason, I’m just not good at message boards. I join them all the time but find their interfaces so darn confusing I never visit them.

  • http://herstorii.blogspot.com/ Isis

    I’m new here but I like you already. -displays Ohio State t shirt- Nice blog by the way.. I’ll be sure to stop by again.

    -leaves an displays big red circle with cross over a Pittsburgh Steelers design-

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