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Tales From the Cube: Do your damn Job

June 19, 2013

When you’re at work Do your job: Not someone else’s job. Stop worrying about what other people are doing. Going “Above and beyond” or “helping out” is fine AFTER you’re done with what you are paid to do. If you’re an Admin and you’re in the kitchen cleaning, or in the stock room fake getting…

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OT – #EDP Shareef (@ShareefJackson)

July 5, 2012

FIRST Listen to EDP17 – The Looney Toons Show .. and now the “After Show” The Show is over The Studio Audience has gone home Studio Lights off … The Crew is done It is Damn Near Devin’s bedtime It’s just me and this week’s guest … backstage … @ShareefJackson Shareef from Operation Cubicle and…

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