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iRemember: Gold Rings and Raisins

August 16, 2012

I remember when … We watched USA Network Cartoon express Middle school snapped Bras cuz girls were gettin’ breasts Rocked a Stopwatch, Flav clock and a Mets cap British Knights High Tops Gold Ring Cadillac Touched the side gettin the Funny bone on Operation The little red boxes of the Sun maid raisins Jabberjaw Jonny…

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EDP21 – When shows Jump The Shark! w/ @HowardTheDeck

August 9, 2012

When did your favorite show go bad? What was the point that you decided that the show was no longer watchable? THAT is the Jump the Shark Moment! Today on the eclectik discussion podcast we discuss those points and main culprits responsible of making the shows we love suck This week’s guest … RETURNING Guest…

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Top 50 Sitcoms of the 80’s (10 – 1)

May 3, 2012

Well here we are … Top 10 Sitcoms of the 1980’s … All time! I appreciate you sticking with me through 3 posts … I’m sure THIS is where my order gets the most scutiny BUT It’s my list (I tried not to be biased) To catch up here are Numbers 50 – 30 Here…

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