iRemember: Gold Rings and Raisins

August 16, 2012

I remember when …

We watched USA Network Cartoon express
Middle school snapped Bras cuz girls were gettin’ breasts

Rocked a Stopwatch, Flav clock and a Mets cap
British Knights High Tops Gold Ring Cadillac

Touched the side gettin the Funny bone on Operation
The little red boxes of the Sun maid raisins

Jonny Quest

Zebra guns , Cap Guns, Air Rifles, B B’s

The Park Ranger, Boo Boo, and Yogi the Bear
Grade school and the ill plastic three hole chairs

Plus the chairs at school when the desk came attached
Was a only child Shoestring on da neck Key-Latch

7-11 Slurpees came in Superhero cups
Cheatin in the lunch lines with the Back cuts

Moonwalker, Mike Jackson Captain EO
Used to eat Zeros watched Greatest American Hero

Had, Atari, Coleco,
Had Neo Geo
Had Darth Vader, Han Solo, C-3PO

Hold your hands out, who touches first wins the race
Playin Freeze tag, Big tree Home base

Damn we use to play
Be outside all day
Radio on the shoulder dual Cassette Cool J

When a rapper said ‘shit’ it was the topic of the block
Had the short track shorts and the tri-color socks

Had to say ‘cherry on top’ to improve on Please
Mcdonalds had the Fry Guys and Mayor McCheese


Hamburgerler and

Lakers had Kareem, Scott, Green, Magic, Worthy

Never got Little house or Leave it to Beaver
I was rollin wit Growing Pains, Boner and Mike Seaver

Had Kool-Aid,
never the Glass Pitcher
Didn’t Measure sugar just poured it, to make the shit quicker

Max headroom came with the ill stutter
Raj couldn’t breathe getting hugs from his mother

She was the Witch in the Wiz,
best song?
“You can’t win”
Lion’s name was Fleetwood, Nipsey Russell made of Tin

Diana Ross was like 50 we didn’t care
And didn’t even know Steph Mills was ‘sposed to be there

Had the Wacky Wall Walkers never walked, didn’t Stick
You know what was the drink? Mannnnn Strawberry Quik

Went in your parent’s closet, stumbled on their Porn
School Can Goods Dance, took the Spinach or Corn

Best thing in the world?
Toys R us in December
Could stay in there for days…man!

I remember.

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  • Decky

    Dude! That was great. There’s some excellent rhymes in here- maybe you and I should battle-remember on a podcast

    • eclectik

      I’m not trying to get DECKED on my own show! lol

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