Do you know your GI Joe?

February 17, 2012

I’m a huge GI Joe Fan (Generation 1) #80sBaby
I’ve been addicted to this “Do you know your Joe Game! lol

… it’s not new but it’s still dope

They took the old school characters that I grew up playing with and set them up like it’s Family Feud LOL

You either play with GI Joe or you play with Cobra, you know me so of course:

Then they play a clip for the cartoon or show you a picture of toys or a file card and you havve to answer a multiple choice question

… it’s pretty dope, brings back memories

Give it a shot

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  • howie AKA Generic

    This is so awesome. Thank you for ruining my Friday work productivity.

  • Will

    Man, I WON as Cobra, and the Joes STILL beat my ass! Talk about sore losers…

  • Administrator

    I want to play as the Joes to see if Cobra wins the fight at the end LOL

  • Classick Material

    holy crap, this is awesome! Hasbro continues to keep the GI Joe property running strong after all these years.

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