9 of the best sitcom Christmas episodes

December 17, 2013


Diff’rent Strokes: Santa’s Helper



Season 5 of Diff’rent Strokes had Garret Morris as a Street Corner Santa … Arnold’s dumb ass eventually invites him to the house where he later comes back to break in and steal all of their presents.
One. it was genius how he did it, he put some putty or clay over the door lock when he left so the door wouldn’t lock all the way.
Two The Drummonds lived in the penthouse…. HOW did Morris get back into the building in the first place though? I’m assuming 24 hour concierge.

The Facts of Life: Christmas in the Big House


Blair decides to do a charity event that turns out to be inside a prison … this is great 80s sitcom plots at its finest. Blair wants to cancel, Jo makes her, and somehow the whole gang manages to join her.
They end up doing a Christmas show/play with acting and singing and … well, if you want here it is …

Family Matters: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Urkel



Classic Episode, where due to a Christmas angel Steve and Laura switch places and Laura Urkel and Steve Winslow exist and hilarity ensues to teach Doberman faced Laura how it feels to be Steve … she’s does okay with the acting

Married… with Children: It’s a Bundyful Life


Al finally has money but since he was at the Shoe store overtime he was late to the Bank and they closed, preventing him from getting the money for presents
… in the two parter an Angel (of course) shows Al what life would be like without him (naturally) and the Jablonskys (Instead of Bundys) are perfect and are living the life … and the Rhoades (Steve and MArcy) are more like The Bundys
The best part is The Angel … Steve Kinison!

Cheers: The Spy Who Came in for a Cold One



This was an odd one … a guy Eric Finch comes into the bar, says he’s a spy … Diane being snooty can tell he’s not and exposes him, he then says he’s a poet but that turns out to be a lie … so he then offers to buy the bar for 2 million dollars and it turns out he’s actually rich but Diane humiliated him so the joke was on her
… I’m paraphrasing of course

Martin: I Saw Gina Kissing Santa Claus


First we get Roscoe, always funny to me … but this episode has Martin volunteering as Santa for Tommy’s Big Brother Program when Cole is MIA. Gina bombing as Mrs Claus in front of the kids.
“Why is Rudolph’s nose so red?” … “Cuz he’s on that stuff

Punky Brewster: Christmas Shoplifting


This is on the list because of one reason Ralphie (A Christmas story) is shoplifting … how the mighty has fallen LOL
Punky ends up switching bags … ends up in jail, but hey it’s older Ralphie!

Seinfeld “The Red Dot”



Everyone knows “The Red Dot” now as far as Christmas episodes, this could’ve easily been “The Pick” or “The Race” …. maybe even “The Gum” BUT this one had The cashmere sweater with the dot, Kramer getting drunk off Hennigans Scotch, and George having sex with the cleaning lady … hard to not pick “The Pick” due to “The Nip” but hey, I mentioned it lol

All in the family the saddest Christmas episodes EVER!

Edith had a lump in her breasts
Archie lost his bonus
Edith’s friend Beverly was murdered
Dinner with a guy whose son died in Vietnam, while meathead’s friend dodged the draft
Edith arrested for counterfeit money

Dont forget ….

ALF’s Special Christmas!!!

Remember these episodes?
Any you want to add?



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