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The East Coast Family (1-4-All-4-1)

May 1, 2014

1992 on the heels of Bell Biv Devoe, Michael Bivins brought us Boyz to Men, then Another Bad Creation, and just when you thought he was done 1994 he dropped the single and video 1-4-All-4-1 and introduced us into the East Coast Family. The East coast family consisted of a collection of artists or Biv…

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Do I Do: Astro Ice

June 27, 2013

Do you? Think women spending $100 + getting her hair done is imcomprensible? … espeically since the following week it looks like nothing ever happened. Hate missing the previews at the movies? enjoy drnking (fluids) more than eating? Think Oral is just a part of sex instead of a special gift? Only care about NBA…

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