EDP15 – Slow Jams w/ @SlimJay_

June 11, 2012

Slowing it down on the eclectik discussion podcast!!

Belly rubbin music as Fred G. Sanford would say

This episode is all about the 70s, 80s, and 90s Slow Jams

The Mixtapes
etc etc

The songs that made you wanna do things and feel some kind of way
… H-Town and Shai style

The episode starts off with eclectik reflections on competitive battles with Moms in the traditional random opening and after the Theme discussion from Parents old school music, to The appreciation for Roger Troutman’s I wanna be your Man and Computer Love … and more!

This show’s featured guest is @SlimJay_

She and I discuss the best and the worst of slow songs, R Kelly, Tony Toni, Tone … Prince, a shocking admission regarding Marvin Gaye, TLC and a bunch of other more …

What artist makes the BEST Slow Jams?
What group?
What songs ALWAYS get you in the mood?

Better songs?

Guy: Piece of my Love or Lets Chill?
Tony Toni Tone: It Never Rains or All I ask of you?
Prince: Insatiable or Scandalous?
Luther: House is Not a Home or If This World were Mine?

Of Course the Fifth is represented, featuring another eclectik F,M,K along with an appearance by Rick Ross!




Why the show is random – Here are some of the things mentioned on today’s show

Guy, R Kelly, TLC, Record Players, 45s, Prince, Bizarre on Showtime, Luther, Songs to Sex To, Toilet Tissue, Underboob, Moobs, Rotisserie, Overrated, Underrated, Happy, Herbals, Greenery, Roger Troutman, The System, Mint Condition, Aaron Hall, and Much More!

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS WHY SHE IS GOAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone is getting in on the act …

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