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June 7, 2012

25 MORE Random facts about me…it’s all da truf too…..

1. I use to rap songs in the shower to determine how long Id stay in…like I’d wash for a LA Di Da Di and a Aint no 1/2 steppin…then get out

2. I have next to no body hair…and I like it that way

3. My Favorite Veggie is Green Beans; I be makin them da bomb…I be all openin’ the can and putting them in a pot….add heat.

4. EVERY female friend I have falls into one of 3 categories:
1. I’ve had sex with
2. I want to have sex with
3. I want to see naked.
…I CAN and DO separate wants and stuff and just be a friend to ANY woman, and I respect  a lot of their minds and senses of humor and conversation BUT that doesn’t mean one of the 3 don’t exist.
(Least Im honest)

5. I’ve never lived in a house…all apartments son dun

6. I know 95% of every word to the songs in Grease

7. Still have and use one of my baby blankets…it’s all comfy

8. I love when women wear baseball caps with ponytails

9. When I was 10 I had an electric Keyboard and composed a rap love song called “Is this a Love thing” Puahahahaha

10. I will not eat a BBQ hamburger with a bun, if I eat it at all it will be with nothing
…home burgers too; The only hamburgers I will eat with a bun come from fast food places.

11. I wear a size 13 shoe, I wore the same show size for the grade I was in at school…( 5th grade: Size 5, 7th grade: Size 7….)Then after 12th grade I’ve been a 13

12. My favorite Potato Chip is Mesquite Smoke bacon Mike Sells

13. I haven’t bathed with a bar of soap and cloth in years (I’ma loofa and liquid soap guy)

14. Every new Male friend I’ve made we have Football in common…not sure if I could be friends with a guy that didnt like football.

15. I usually don’t want to update the blog if there’s less than 10 comments or so

16. I have a small shoe obsession

17. The first phone number I was ever taught is the same phone number my mother has to this day…never changed my entire life

18. My Fav Sneaker of all time: All White Adidas Forum Lo
…somebody buy me some.

19. I sleep with a body pillow…so? eff ewe!

20. My mother is the one that got me into The NFL and The NBA and my Father got me into shopping, imagine that.

21. I’ve never dated a woman who enjoyed football

22. I’ve never been outside of the USA

23. I’m a flirt, but I make it a point not to flirt anything I wouldn’t be willing to back up

24. I had my room wallpapered in Jet Beauties until one issue had one that looked like my mother, I then tore them all down.

25. I use to take the cable box apart and rewire it to get Playboy and HBO back when it would come in scrambled


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  • ArykaNotErika

    Um. I kind of love this and may now have developed a bit of a hetero crush on you. Im just sayin. But we gotta talk about the green beans son.

  • Sadam

    Sir we have to talk. Gucci, Prada, canned green beans. SMH!

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