Breaking Bad Season 1 Random thoughts

April 18, 2013


In my opinion Breaking Bad is in the Top 5 greatest TV Dramas ever (I want to say top 3) … The writing is great, plot is original, the acting is superb; one could only wonder what it would be like on HBO
One of the other things that sets it apart from most shows and puts it in the great category is not only has there never been a bad season …there’s never been a bad episode, that’s unheard of!
We only have a few episodes left so I don’t think I’m going to jinx it.

Anyway, needing a Breaking Bad fix I decided to reminisce on Season 1 and share some random thoughts and quotes from the show …

From the jump I disliked Walt Jr … affliction aside, he’s a douche … he has an attitude problem

Marie and Hank are equally hateable for their own reasons from the start of the show


I WILL give Jr props though, in the first ep when they were at the table he said the Veggie bacon smelled like band aids

In the Classroom … Chad was an asshat; dragging that chair all loud got under my skin … he needed to die

Very fancy affair with the Box of wine at the birthday patty

I wouldn’t be able to stomach Hank … he started off giving Walt crap; at his own party no less!

Breathing all the chemicals at the car wash probably didn’t help matters for Walt … some damn wipe downs lol

Walt is the greatest, doctor told him he has cancer … that it’s inoperable; he was focusing on the mustard on the doctor’s jacket lol

Skyler … impossible to like Skyler; giving Walt shit for using the emergency Master Card … LOL NO ONE has a Master Card

I dream of quitting my job with a line as dope as: “fuck you and your eyebrows”


Of the seeds they planted with the Ride-a-long, asking to go inside to see the lab


Maybe we would’ve stolen Capn Cook’s secret Chili powder recipe lol

You’d think this would be a slow burn type of show, take a while to really get into it but the first Ep sucks you in

Jesse is a gem from the very start

First time we see him he’s finishing off some chick and has the hilarious fall from the roof
THEN after Walt tracks him down we get “You ain’t welcome back Kotter so step off” LOL

You know the business; I know the chemistry … love it

Meth lab shopping at school Did you learn anything from my chemistry class? No, you flunked me LMAO!!!

Walt Jr. gave me another gem while. Trying on jeans … “You want skinny jeans? Skaters wear them” … “Do I look like a skater?”

Krazy 8 and his sharpie yellow low rider … very inconspicuous!

Walt’s genius came through early … quick thinking with the red phosphorus… Walt is good for an explosion or two lol

You know … it wouldn’t had been much of a show had the safety on that gun been off


The rush from cooking Meth made Walt wanna smang Skyler … and here she comes with the dumb comment:
Walt is that you? lol

That cap’n cook website was classic! Again, very low key LOL

Jesse is hilarity on this show
Walt: What is his reputation for violence?
Jesse: Well he just tried to kill us both so there’s that

Not to mention the illest outgoing message ever
Yo yo yo 1 4 8 3 to tha 3 to tha 6 to the 9 representin the ABQ whattup beyoch leave at the tone

Of course when you have to dissolve a boy in acid you have to try out the tub in the hardware store to make sure you fit LOL

For the genius that Walt is … and amazing chemist and meth cooker he was AWFUL at rolling a joint lol


Ugh! When Skyler showed up at Jesse’s house .. “My name is Skyler white yo, my husband is Walter White yo” I hate her

Breaking Bad teaches you things such as … acid and tubs don’t mix .. Learned that


“My whole house smells like toe cheese and dry cleaning”
“The coin flip is sacred”

Walt such the nice guy, he even cut crazy 8 crusts off

Again with genius Walt … the broken plate, taking the pieces out … just wow!

Jesse wiggin out thinking the bikers were coming with grenades a machetes and it was two missionaries on bikes lol

Why even show jesses brother? That was mostly useless … I mean it’s been 5 seasons he hasn’t been a factor for the 3 minutes he was on the show

I wanted to leg sweep Walt Jr when he told Walt to just die … you ungrateful tard!

Ken Wins one of the most forgotten douches ever … the guy on the Bluetooth, hilarity! ….squeegee to the battery though, that was gangster!


Badger learning the helicopter with the sign … also classic.

I wanted to fight Elliot and Gretchen

The fight with Badger in the RV was historic because we got the first of many Jesse “Bitch” quotes … Helicopter bitch!

The intervention and the talking pillow … I hate Skyler

Walt: A distributor know anyone like that?
Jesse: Yeah until you killed him!

Hugo had Walt’s back … cleaning up puke and giving him a nice stick of double mint … welp

Shame the school thing didn’t last long, interesting things could’ve happened there

I just love the name “Skinny Pete”
…C’mon I’m Skinny Pete!


That Walt frisky finger bang at the teachers meeting … wasn’t the table exposed? I wouldn’t want any part of my body smelling like Skyler

“You look like Lex Luthor” … shut up Walt Jr.

“Two dudes turned into raspberry slushy and fell thru the floor, can’t even take a proper dump anymore”

“How about taco cabeza? Nobody ever gets shot at taco cabeza”

Tuco and the rise of Heisenberg … he comes up with the name on the spot AND the Hat … the hat! He shows up at the junk yard with the hat on … love it


When reading the grocery list to create the 4 pounds for Tuco …Jesse: “Count me out I’m leaving town, I’m movin to Oregon or something”

Marie is dreadful and a damn tiara?

We didn’t get nearly enough of Carmen from school … she was the sexy.


The ski mask methylene robbery … Locking the guard in the port-a-potty

Season one of Breaking Bad had everything, it is impossible to not get roped in and want more

I’ve seen the entire first season 3 times

What are your favorite memories or thoughts from the first season?

Hey Wendy! Show me that smile againnnnnn …


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  • Mr. Serious (@chapmanrunner)

    Not sure how I missed this post! Brilliant stuff. Once Season 5 is over and done with, I think I will go back and watch it from the beginning. Thanks for the great content, e!

    Show me that smile again, LMFAO

    • eclectik

      Hey sir, thank you for reading … Ive gone back and watched from episode 1 twice already … it doesnt get old!

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