July 7, 2013

Curse words

Why are Curse words; “curse” words?

Who made up THIS “Shit”?

Who just said that THIS word is taboo and you can’t say it…or if you do say it other people are supposed to say

‘oooooooooooh’ LOL!

The words themselves mean nothing or are just stupid in context…esp using their definitions

Why not “Pork Chop”? Why couldn’t Pork Chop be a bad phrase?


Random right? Why THOSE words?



Shit is defecation through digestion….that’s it.

But all of a sudden it became:

Slang for the best “This blog is the Shit”

Slang for the worst “This blog is Shit”

THEN If you’re not it that’s bad too “This blog AINT shit”

It replaces ANY and EVERY Noun, It’s clearly something, but now used for ‘nothing’

Personal belongings “Go get all yo shit”

If ANYTHING it’s a verb.

How dumb does it sound /read though?

“Bullshit” How does that mean a lie???? It’s Feces from a Bull!!

Either way, if EVERYONE knows the words and what they are, why are they bad words? Why not just another word in the english language?


Fuck is sexual intercourse


People can be Sexy as Fuck

Dumb as Fuck

Something can be Fucking great

What the Fuck?
…now in Context; how dumb.



So…in theory A motherfucker is a …Father?

But no…it’s a good thing, it’s yo Peoples!

“You are my motherfuker” (Good)

“Dumb Motherfucker” (Bad)

It’s like callin someone a Son of a Bitch

Awww come here you son of a bitch (Good)

You Son of a Bitch!!! (Bad)

Either way, it’s calling your mother a bitch…or a female Dog.
…and why is it totally okay to say Men are Dogs but it’s offensive to say Women are Bitches?


Genetalia is always bad for whatever reason…

Men: Dick

“He’s a Dick”


“Don’t be such a pussy”

Women: Cunt

“She’s such a cunt”
…but you never call a woman a Dick (I do because it’s funny and no one does)…but I’m saying

Why isn’t calling someone another body part offensive like…Armpit?

Like “He’s a Armpit, lets not invite him” LOL

Twat and Cock? just stupid.

Is Whore a bad word? Tits? you can’t say those either…

And Why are nipples so damn taboo?…just women’s though.

Can’t be because of the size…they show fat men boobs on TV and wont show a flat chest woman….some things in life are just dumb


Who’s getting offended these days?

The older generation are not what the older generation use to be…they still use these words

I’m sayin though.

How can you be smart as feces?

How can you be smart as sexual intercourse?

How can someone be Genetalia?

Why do we use these phrases?

If all curse words can be considered Good and/or bad…what’s the purpose!?

And people who do NOT “Curse” but use words that rhyme with “Curse” words, or similar to, what’s the point? It means the same thing … which is nothing
.. and typing them with censors or out of place letters … why? It’s dumb.

Meh, who cares? Sex you!


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