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I cant stand: Flickin

November 19, 2013

“On my blog…you know? That’s where you come to read “e” Rotation’s bangin and my blog is Flyyyyy” I can’t stand when… People take too long to order at fast food places In the drive thru…go inside… “May I take your order?” Pause. HEY! The menu aint changed fucktard Gay Rights …why is gay? Gay?…

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EDP218 – After School Special

July 13, 2013

Schools is out for the day, time to go home and play! Join me and my guest Corey Chapman (@ChapmanRunner) Sports Fan, Father, Pepsi Enthusiast … Mr. Serious? … as we discuss The good old days, the old school days … what went on when school was out Riding the Buss Getting in trouble School…

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#Unappreciation: Asking

July 8, 2013

When I’m eating lunch or anything at work and someone feels compelled to: Stop and ask what I’m eating Why? You can’t have any, and stop talking to me, I’m eating…hump. Stop and comment on what I’m eating like ‘mmmmm that looks good’ that’s great you admire my Burger, now what would look better is…

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The Opposite of Mikey

February 24, 2012

Someone asked ” Exactly what do you mean by being a picky eater?” well…. One of my “Reasons I’m single” was that I’m a picky eater. Some women think that this is a terrible thing since it limits where we can go out to eat…or changes the spontaneity of hitting a new place to eat…

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