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NowEyeKnow: Credit

November 27, 2013

Why didn’t they tell me…???? College is cool but…you can and will starve Debt is a real Sex without a condom and sex with a condom does NOT feel the same … never ever go without! lol Leasing a vehicle is NOT the way to go Grades 4-12 will be the greatest years of your…

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#Unappreciation: Asking

July 8, 2013

When I’m eating lunch or anything at work and someone feels compelled to: Stop and ask what I’m eating Why? You can’t have any, and stop talking to me, I’m eating…hump. Stop and comment on what I’m eating like ‘mmmmm that looks good’ that’s great you admire my Burger, now what would look better is…

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RD80s with a little bit of e (Podcast)

May 25, 2013

If you know anything about me, you know I love the 80s and recently I was invited to be a guest on the DEBUT episode of the Rediscover the 80s podcast! 1. If you havent been to the site before go in a second 2. You’ll recognize the host from #EDP Podcasts such as: EDP203…

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Stupid Food

July 9, 2012

Food annoys me. I’m already a picky eater (See Read this)…I already eat next to anything…but damnit man! Like I LOVE to eat fruit…but I hate buying fruit, I go to the grocery store with ‘I’ma eat healthy’ glee in my face Cop me some fresh fruit…or you know when they have the fruit in…

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