Stupid Food

July 9, 2012

Food annoys me.

I’m already a picky eater (See Read this)…I already eat next to anything…but damnit man!

Like I LOVE to eat fruit…but I hate buying fruit, I go to the grocery store with ‘I’ma eat healthy’ glee in my face
Cop me some fresh fruit…or you know when they have the fruit in the plastic containers? The assorted joints?
Yeah I get those…come home maybe I don’t want to eat them that day…but the next I open it up and it smells some kinda way
It COULD be fine…but if I THINK I smell something I don’t want to eat it.

OH and then what if you get the stuff on like the last day you’re supposed to? Like when its expiration date is all close?
Then it’s bad business

And who knows if the grocery boys just keep the same stuff up there and change the dates!?
Like Ground beef

I be all like “Shiddddd I’m gone git my Sketti on” Go to the store, cop some ground beef (I use Ground Sirloin or Angus) and everything is all to the good
Get home and get the eclectik-skillet goin and break up the meat and its brown in the middle and the bottom!

Like DAMNIT MAN! And even though I’m about to brown the meat, I cannot take it ALREADY being brown!

Those fukers just go around sprayin the meat with Pank on the tops? UGH!

Milk be chillin!

I can’t stand buying milk! I’m all at the grocery Store (Special shout outs to Krogers son!) and be like
“I want me some cereal” It’s quick…practical…deelish and is an important part of a balanced breakfast
Lemme get me some Raisin Bran (Hey F U I enjoy the Raisin Bran…or the Frosted Flakes…or the Corn Flakes)
Anywhoo…so lemme cop; uh oh…need me some Milk (Vitamin D dunny…none of that watered down % mess)
Get home
…I don’t want any cereal…another morning; man I’m not in the mood…don’t have time…know what happens?
By the time the expiration date is up I’ve made one bowl

And I LOATHE the crumbs at the bottom of the cereal box/bag….YUCK icky blah boo

Know what I do?

When I cook, I MUST clean up while and after I cook…even if that means my food is cold when I eat…if I’m cooking for someone I make their plate and go and clean up a lot of the times
…the kitchen has to stay clean son! Dishwasher loaded, counter wiped down and OH whatever I cooked in (Pots/Pans/etc) has to be cleaned…at the very least rinsed out…that’s nasty.

Smell this…

That’s one of the drawbacks of living alone or being single, I need someone to “smell this” sometime
Cuz I swear if the sniffer sniffs something different…I aint eatin it!!

Guess what else I do…?

When I go grocery shopping I always pick up fast food or take out…I cannot go shopping then cook…f that.


My thing is when I’m going to actually cook something I wait till that day and go buy the stuff cuz I cannot STAND having to defrost stuff
Cuz I only defrost in the fridge…I don’t play that leave on the counter or sit in the sink mess..And I DAMN sure don’t defrost in the microwave…it just cooks the food and that’s nasty.

stupid food

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  • HowardtheDeck

    agree on all counts. Spray Pank on the tops HAHA. I always get yelled at for not eating with the family because I’m in there finishing up the dishes. I clean as I go, put all ingredients back in fridge/cupboard/spice rack whatever. CAN’T relax with a messy kitchen. or any room for that matter.

    • eclectik

      Ah ha you said “cupboard” a messy kitchen is the worse! it doesnt get any better it only gets messier, might as well take care of it pronto!

  • 12kyle

    Sounds like obsessive compulsive disorder. LoL

    Seriously, I feel you on the smell stuff. If its smells funny, I’ll lose my appetite quickly. And I won’t cook it

    Good post

  • Anthony “@tatum216:” Tatum

    I wish I could be on top of the cleaning while cooking thing. That’s a good way to be.

    • eclectik

      Its a bad habit … but it is cleaner lol

  • Heavensmama

    I always eat out after I grocery shop too! I like to give my fridge a ‘new food’ grace period before I touch anything…lol.

    • eclectik

      See!? You understand!


    Forget that Kroger you need to go to The Fresh Market…they ground the beef fresh everyday and on Tuesday this summer they have a special $2.99 per pound. Yes this is all a plug for my job so what you love it!!

  • Brian Morin

    I used to work at a butcher shop and brownish purple meat in the middle is normal and nothing to worry about. Meat is red because it is exposed to the air and a chemical in it turns it that color. The meat in the middle isn’t exposed to the air, therefore staying browninsh.

    • eclectik

      Now that’s a scoop! Still seems weird tho lol … alls I know is its brown when I cook it and when I open it it looks cooked… what air was it exposed to when the inside is still pink? huh? huh? you tell me! lol

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