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iThink: On the Chainwax

May 14, 2014

Are Blogs dead? Or just mine? There’s going to be a TV show named “Selfie” When a person says “F**k You” … what exactly does that mean? … Is it they want to do it to me? … They want someone to do it to me? Same thing with “You Suck” … suck what? Not…

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Greatest Cereal of All Time (Tournament)

April 12, 2013

Cap’n Crunch? Lucky Charms? Smurf berry Crunch? What is the greatest Cereal of all time? There’s been debate … back and forth, an entire Cold Slither Podcast on the matter … so why not let the people decide? Tournament style! Fresh off of the Childhood TV Crushes tourney, I present …The Greatest Cereal of all…

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EDP207 – Cleck vs. Deck (Pop Culture Shootout) w/ @HowardTheDeck

March 13, 2013

The format has been thrown out the window! Anything can happen with today’s guest … and it did Pop Culture Shootout with Howie Decker! (@HowardThe Deck)   The CEO, CFO, and rabble rabble of UnderScoopFire (Site, Podcast, and lifestyle) goes head to head with yours truly in NOT trivia, NOT a matching of wits BUT…

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Random – e: Drawlz

October 3, 2012

“Im the type of guy to eat it, when he wont And lick you in the places that your boyfriend dont” MORE Random facts about me! What type of guy…. Watches Young and the Restless and General Hospital every week Makes some bomb wings Owns 3 Build-a-Bears Uses his negatives (Nonchalant and Grudge Holding) as…

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Cereal Cism

July 31, 2012

What were our Cereal mascots telling us? What was going on back in the day? What were they on? Looking back, I’ve seen some questionable things about the characters that companies chose to peddle their sugary breakfast snacks to us kids The Trix Bunny I’m thinking the Trix Rabbit is on LSD he’s always hallucinating…

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Stupid Food

July 9, 2012

Food annoys me. I’m already a picky eater (See Read this)…I already eat next to anything…but damnit man! Like I LOVE to eat fruit…but I hate buying fruit, I go to the grocery store with ‘I’ma eat healthy’ glee in my face Cop me some fresh fruit…or you know when they have the fruit in…

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