Random – e: Drawlz

October 3, 2012

“Im the type of guy to eat it, when he wont
And lick you in the places that your boyfriend dont”

MORE Random facts about me!

What type of guy….

Watches Young and the Restless and General Hospital every week

Makes some bomb wings

Owns 3 Build-a-Bears

Uses his negatives (Nonchalant and Grudge Holding) as positives

Ranks legs, arms, and stomach over ass and breasts

Will spend over $100 on an Iron

Can sit and talk 80’s and 90’s hip Hop for hours

Currently takes Flintstone Vitamins daily

Will spend over $150 on a toothbrush

Is extra straight but loves project runway?

Only eats a hamburger with a bun if it’s from Wendy’s

Doesn’t mind spending a day shoe shopping with a woman

Has a $6,000 watch he never wears

Loves the body shop

Is the pickiest eater in history but LOVES to watch Top Chef

Can have a hour long discussion about breakfast cereal

Gets extremely turned on by areolas

Watches Red Carpet shows

Has Shadow-heavy pictures

Has seen every episode of Kyle XY

Loves matching sneakers to shirts

Rather play Chess and Scrabble than Xbox

Thinks Keyshia Cole looks like Pinky from Pinky and the Brain

Does not have any marriage plans but gets his Bridezillas on

Owns 2 exfoliating face towels

Would rather be slapped with a catfish dipped in throw up than have sex with Fantasia

Get’s happy when 80’s Music comes on

Liked Ally McBeal and Felicity

Finds any reason to shop

Has Random thoughts for days

Admits to being wrong

Wishes a woman made more than him

Is not grown enough to enjoy wine

Loves chocolate covered Almonds

Makes a mean pot of Chili

Can name just about any Old school hip hop song by the first 3 notes

Watches 90210, Gossip Girl and Football faithfully

Thinks shooting pool with a woman is a turn on

Can pick out a hot pair of Carlos Santanas’

After sex gets up and with a warm cloth wipes the woman from front to back


The type of guy that’s typin this blog.

Hi there.

“Youre the type of guy that likes to drink olde english
Im the type of guy to cold put on a pamper
Youre the type of guy to say, what you talkin bout?

I’m the type of guy to leave my drawers in your hamper”

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  • john kushman

    does the song actually say “cold put on a pamper”, that makes no sense. as for areolas the first I’ve ever seen was Pam Grier’s and ah, Keisha Cole can get it dude, lookin’ like pinky and all

  • Melanie

    Interesting….licking where no man will. Pics of the build a bears, please.
    Know the feeling of it being hard to find someone who makes more than me.
    Learning so much in these randoms..:)


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