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Top 10 Tom and Jerry shorts

July 20, 2015

Thinking about Tom and Jerry, and I figured I’d post 10 of my favorite shorts … it’s amazing how old they are (They came out in the 40s!!!!) still funny 40 years later in the 80s and even now! I didn’t type much about them since I’m giving you the videos, AND I recorded a…

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10 Most Annoying cartoon sidekicks

July 24, 2013

I love cartoons, and I’m annoyed very easily; ever since I was little I knew this and it was very evident when I was watching my cartoons. Now, there were a lot of main characters who were annoying (George Jetson, Inspector Gadget, He-Man, etc.) who were annoying, but I’m choosing to focus on the characters…

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EDP205 – Live from Teletraan 1 w/ @Rashanii

February 23, 2013

More than meets the eye! Robots in disguise! The Transformers Episode! (Generation 1 of course) Join me and my Guest Rashanii @SingleSimulcast as we reminisce on Transformers The Cartoon The Toys The Only Movie they made Some of the stuff Michael Bay did The Greatest thing that ever happened in life!!!! The disdain for the…

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