eclectik's 2011 – Fall TV Schedule

September 20, 2011

It’s been a year. Time for the annual unveiling of my Fall TV Schedule…here are the shows that I plan on watching this season The Shows with ** Meaning I’ll TiVo them and * indicate shows I will watch once to see if it sucks Reality Show rule apply: I watch Shows like Americas Top Model and American Idol for really attractive women and when my “show girlfriend” gets eliminated I bail. A lot of shows the ones that I don’t watch when they come on I watch really late late Friday Nights and Saturday and Sunday Morning Of course I’m still watching Y&R and GH …they don’t count


Not much going on Monday outside of Football and maybe WWE Raw, damn shame they come on late, I’d be able to sleep early

8:00 – Gossip Girl (CW)
9:00 – Monday Night Football


Don’t ask why I watch 90210 … I DO like the Chick’s eyes on there though; I’m going to check out the Ringer show to see if it’s worth anything, and New Girl SEEMS funny, I TiVo NCS LA to watch while I cook lol

8:00 – 90210 (CW)
9:00 – NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS) **
9:00 – New Girl (FOX) *
9:00 – Ringer (CW) *


Alls I know is Nicole S is on X Factor so I’m checking it (And Paula can still get it) PLUS Semhar on Survivor and Bre on ANTM … it’s a sexy night, let’s not forget Sofia Vergara on Modern Family

8:00 – Survivor: South Pacific (CBS)
8:00 – The X-Factor (FOX) *
9:00 – Modern Family (ABC) **
9:00 – America’s Next Top Model (CW)
10:00 – Top Chef: Just Desserts (BRAVO) **
10:00 – The Ultimate Fighter (SPIKE)


I’m going to watch Charlie’s Angels because Annie Ilonzeh is sexy, Person of Interest seems like a banger (It has Ben Linus) Whitney could be funny … The League is Great, and I always must watch Lana Kane on Archer

8:00 – Charlie’s Angels (ABC)
8:30 – Parks and Recreation (NBC)
9:00 – iMPACT (SPIKE)
9:00 – Person of Interest (CBS) **
9:30 – Whitney (NBC) *
10:00 – Prime Suspect (NBC) *
10:30 – Archer (FC)
10:30 – The League (FX)


Even though most of the time I’m at home Friday #singletweet I don’t watch TV on Fridays, but I TiVo the joints to watch later, Nikita is extra Dope it ended very interestingly last season … Shark Tank is slept on but good

8:00 – Chuck (NBC) **
8:00 – Nikita (CW)
9:00 – Fringe (FOX)
9:00 – Shark Tank (ABC) **


All OSU Everything

College Football


It’s All NFL Everything, still hype that Boardwalk Empire is back… Housewives last season ever … and 60 Mins always kills Race for me; can’t wait for Season 3 of Kenny Powers

8:00 – The Amazing Race (CBS)
9:00 – Boardwalk Empire (HBO) **
9:00 – Family Guy (FOX)
9:00 – Desperate Housewives (ABC)
9:30 – American Dad (FOX) **
10:30 – East Bound and Down (HBO)


Whenever these shows start this year I will be watching

Young and The Restless (CBS) (That I TiVo everyday anyway)
General Hospital (ABC) – I’m bout done with this crapfest
Fairly Legal (USA)
Royal Pains (USA)
White Collar (USA)
Franklin and Bash (TNT)
Psych (USA)
Eastbound and Down (HBO)
The Apprentice (NBC)
Cougar Town (ABC)
Modern Family (ABC)
Top Chef (BRAVO)
Shark Tank (ABC)

  • 12kyle

    Looks like the only thing that we have in common on tv is Monday Night Football and college football. LOL. I’ve never heard of most of these shows. LOL

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